Billmeier Camera Shop Moves to New Fenton Location

Billmeier Camera Shop's new location is directly behind the Fenton Hotel on 1st Street, with more parking, more convenience. Stop in and say hello to Terry at their new home.

Fenton, MI — April 26, 2021

Have you lived somewhere for 10-15 years and then packed up and moved to a new home? That’s a lot of work. I once heard a man make a morbid comment that said “Three moves are as good as a fire.” That may be true given the number of items that get discarded during a relocation.

Can you imagine moving out of a building that your business has inhabited for 70+ years? That’s exactly what Billmeier Camera did when they sold the building on the corner of Caroline St. and Leroy St. in Fenton to make room for a new restaurant coming to the downtown area.

While the move was only two blocks away to 121 First Street, behind the Fenton Hotel, it was a massive undertaking.The new location of Billmeir Camera has plenty of convenient parking. YES! / Lasco Press Photo

New Location, Same Great Products and Services

Nothing about the way Billmeier Camera Shop does business has changed. Owner Terry Green is there every day, he still runs the shop the same way he has for years, with excellent customer service and quality products. It is the premier establishment in the greater Metro Detroit area for everything cameras.

Need Quality Camera Equipment, Billmeier Camera has it. / Lasco Press Photo

What has changed is, it’s easier to visit the shop with plenty of available parking directly out front. No more having to jockey for a parrel spot on Leroy Street. The Camera Lab is on the main floor, in plain view, instead of upstairs out from sight. There is a basement under the main floor that allows Terry plenty of room to stock inventory.

The Camera Lab at Billmeier Camera / Lasco Press Photo

Something Old, Something New

It was great to see the original cabinets from behind the counter at the old shop have moved with the business. Refurbished and displaying merchandise behind glass cases it’s a reminder of the history that Billmeier Camera has helped to capture over their years in Fenton. And yes they still sell used and antique cameras.

A familiar site behind the counter / Lasco Press Photo

The walls are stacked with the finest quality products that professional and serious amateur photographers use to practice their trade and hobby.

Lasco Press Photo

Terry still answers the same questions and helps educate buyers about the finer art of photo taking. “Customers were quick to catch on to the new location, it’s fun to see the familiar faces stopping by to say hello. We will still be here for the next generation of camera enthusiasts with the same passion for what we love and enjoy.” Said Terry.

The Shops Hours are:

FRIDAY: 10 AM – 6 PM

If you have never been to Billmeier Camera, stop in and meet a local legend. Talk to Terry about the aspects of photography that interest you and support a loyal local business for another 70 years.