New Innovative Fresh Food Restaurant Opens in Fenton

Community by Fuel Up Fresh opens in the former site of YaYa's Chicken in Fenton

Fenton, MI — April 14, 2021

Who would name a restaurant “Community?” It doesn’t say anything about food. However, when you hear the story from Fuel Up Fresh’s Kali and Justin Trombley it all makes sense and you understand the importance of the name.

First, the details. The new restaurant Community by Fuel Up Fresh is located in the former location of YaYa’s Chicken. The address is 3214 Silver Lake Road, at the north end of Silver Parkway. Their hours are Monday thru Friday from 11 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

Community by Fuel Up Fresh / Lasco Press Photo

The food is all fresh organically grown goodness that actually does what food is supposed to do. Fuel your body with a proper amount of nutrition, give your system the energy it needs to function and do so without the peak and crash effects of less healthy eating options.

Meal Ingredients at Community by Fuel Up Fresh / Lasco Press Photo

Kali describes their new restaurant’s goal as “providing perfectly balanced meals with gourmet flair.”

Lasco Press Photo

The Fuel Up Fresh Story

About that strange restaurant name. Kali explains that she and Justin are health-conscious individuals. Proper nutrition goes hand-in-hand with physical conditioning to maintain a healthy body. Joining a gym and getting in better condition was a key to their lifestyle.

Kali and Justin in their new restaurant / Lasco Press Photo

When the couple joined CrossFit Fenton they fell in love with the community of like-minded people that were just looking to improve their health by engaging in focused workout routines. Anyone who has visited CrossFit Fenton knows the support of high-quality coaches and the encouragement of the membership is the secret behind the successful continuation of a workout routine. It’s the community!

Justin is a chef and one thing his workout community all had in common was the lack of places to find truly healthy food options. Unless you prepared and cooked them yourself. Fuel Up Fresh was born from and for that community.

Justin explains the concept. “Fuel Up Fresh offers a weekly meal service providing fresh, high-quality macro meals at your absolute convenience. Let us help you stay on track with your nutrition, enhance your performance or simply spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you enjoy!”

The Business Grows

Many times in life we learn timing is everything. Most people would not think the start of a worldwide pandemic would be the ideal time to open a new business. But with restaurants closed, people got tired of preparing their own dinners, and they began looking for new meal alternatives. Providing that option, especially with everyone so health-conscious, proved to be the right move at the right time.

Not only did the Crossfit community support the new fresh food business, but the community of Fenton as a whole also began ordering the expertly prepared meals. Soon people were asking if they could forgo the weekly pickup schedule and have their orders delivered. More help from the community.

Freshly prepared meals ready for pick-up at Community by Fuel Up Fresh / Lasco Press Photo

Working With the Community

You might be getting the idea of how Kali and Justin feel about the community. Leftover food is donated to local food banks, purchases are made from local businesses whenever possible. As business owners, they give back by assisting fundraisers and charity causes. Even kitchen waste is donated to a local composting business.

When they wanted to expand to home delivery, they needed a vehicle. But not just an average van, they were looking for a refrigerated unit that would protect their meals on the road. Not an easy find, especially in the used market. Matt Lasco of Lasco Ford stepped in to help. Matt located a quality pre-owned van that was exactly what Kali and Justin were looking for. Drivers were sent to pick up the unit, have it delivered to Lasco Ford for a safety inspection and any needed repairs. Then it was delivered to the people needing the delivery unit.

Starting a Restaurant

Having found a service that people were looking for, the next logical business step was to open a restaurant and offer the popular food selections to the local “COMMUNITY.” That is how “Community by Fuel Up Fresh” was born.

And wouldn’t you know, Max Williams from “locally-owned” Bren-Mar Construction worked with Kali and Justin on the redesign of their storefront cafe to give it a whole new look, bright and open. A comfortable place to join community members for a healthy meal.

Community is a Good Thing

When you know the story, the name kind of grows on you. Think of the advertising possibilities. “Join the Community for some Awesome Good Food from Fuel Up Fresh.” Or, “It Takes a Community to Raise a Generation of Healthy Eaters.”

Community is indeed a good thing. Check out their menu, stop in and try a custom-built bowl filled with all your healthy favorites. Talk to them about a meal plan and visit their website to learn more about this unique eatery.