Day 1 Olympic Highlights From Tokyo

Pageantry and Technology Kicks Off Tokyo Olympics


Tokyo, Japan — July 23, 2021

The 2020 Summer Olympics finally kicked off today in Tokyo, Japan. Just a year late due to the global pandemic. Unfortunately, after a resurgence of the virus in Tokyo, no fans are allowed in attendance. Still, that will not keep us from celebrating the accomplishment of these athletes who have gathered to compete on the world’s athletic stage.

The following highlights from Day 1 feature portions of the Opening Ceremonies and the start of competitions.

Drones Form a Globe in the Sky Over Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Team USA Enters the Olympic Stadium

Naomi Osaka Lights the Olympic Cauldron

American Kara Kohler Wins Single Sculls Heat

Women’s rowing never gets any publicity, until the Olympics. Then very little. Celebrate with American Kara Kohler as she wins her heat.