Michigan Mountain Bikers Love to Ride

Fenton, MI — June 24, 2021

The name mountain biking might be a bit of a misnomer given Michigan’s lower peninsula does not contain any of the lofty peaks found in other States. But, the bicycle that the sports enthusiasts use, a “mountain bike”, is descriptive of a two-wheeler that can handle almost any trail, incline, hill, or summit.

Novices that give the sport a try are generally hooked after experiencing the thrill of that initial ride. Learning to negotiate off-road trails in Michigan’s environment is great training for those who wish to up their game on more elevated locals. The intensity, the workout, and the adrenaline rush are readily available to those wishing to explore the forests of the thumb on a bike.

Photo Courtesy of Michigan.org

Michigan Mountain Biking Association

The driving force behind mountain biking in our State is the Michigan Mountain Biking Association(MMBA), a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation comprised of Chapters located throughout Michigan. Each chapter elects a representative to sit on the MMBA Chapter Advisory Council to represent their interests in state advocacy efforts.

The mission of the MMBA is to promote responsible mountain biking and to work toward the goals of land access and natural resource protection through interaction with land managers, policymakers, the cycling industry, race promoters, mountain bikers, and other trail users.

“We represent all levels of riders, from beginners to world champion racers. Our common passion for trail riding and stewardship brings us together as a collective voice.”

The MMBA is supported by chapter contributions, corporate sponsors, and private donations. Local MMBA Chapters are supported by individual and family membership dues, with the local Chapters retaining dues collected. MMBA provides support by handling administrative tasks for the local Chapters and providing educational resources and programs to Chapters and members.

Local Mountain Biking Opportunities

Bike riders that would like to give trail riding a try have a great facility locally at the Holly Recreation Area. The trailhead is located at 13088 Hess Rd, Holly, MI 48442. Know as the  Holly-Holdridge Mountain Bike Trail Network, the area features multiple trails that vary in difficulty.

“There are 25 miles of mountain bike trails in the Holly Recreation Area, broken up into various loops that accommodate all ages and skill levels from beginner to expert. The trails are one-direction, single-track trails, and hikers are encouraged to hike in the opposite direction to avoid mountain bikers.”

“The North Loop is 2.25 miles of beginner trail, the West Loop is 4.75 miles of intermediate trail, the East Loop (Grubner’s Grinder) is 18 miles of advanced trail and the Tech Loop is 1 mile of highly technical terrain. Mountain biking is the only activity that is suggested on these trails.”

Learn about more Southern Michigan biking trails at the DTE Energy Foundation Trail website.

Photo Courtesy of Michigan.org

Need a Bike

Taking a normal bicycle with knobby tires to a trail might work on an easy loop, getting a feel for the experience. However, if you really want to immerse yourself in the sport you are going to need the proper equipment. Visit Cyclefit Inc., a full-service bicycle and snow sports retailer with locations here in Fenton and in Saginaw.

The friendly folks at Cyclefit can set you up with all the basics, even used cycles, and will work with you to upgrade as your skills increase. Whether you are looking for a fun family activity or would like to compete in mountain biking competitions CycleFit can take care of all the finer points. They are located at 1006 North Leroy Street in Fenton. Servicing and tuning your bike, a good inventory of accessories, rider wear, and they are a location for the latest biker information and coming events.

Take yourself back to those carefree days as a kid, when you hopped on your bike and rode anywhere you wanted with the wind in your face. It’s easy to lose yourself in the fun of mountain biking.