Michigan’s New School Bus Laws Take Effect, Be Advised

Fenton, MI — October 15, 2021

There are new school bus laws on the books in Michigan and they can cost violators dearly. Rightfully so! When parents trust their children to the bus system of their school district they expect those precious kids to be protected and returned home safely.

State legislators have added some new tools to make sure individuals that ignore protections in place are punished with a significant deterrent. Every driver should know that when the “Stop Sign Arm” on a school bus is extended traffic in both directions is required to stop and allow passengers to exit and cross the roadway.

The law regarding school bus stop signs now reads that “A photograph or video recorded by a stop-arm camera system is admissible as evidence in a proceeding for a violation…” Previously an officer had to witness the violation in order to prosecute the offending driver. Now the camera footage can be used to bring a case to court where the offender would face a $500 fine for the infraction.

Safety Standards Raised

Another statute has been put in place to protect school bus drivers and passengers. Most schools require visitors to stop at the office and register before entering a school facility.

“No Trespassing” signs will now adorn school bus entrances. No one can walk onto a school bus without the permission of the driver. The penalty for violating this law also carries a $500 fine.

“These bills make our school buses safer, allowing every child to safely attend school, where they can learn and grow. I am proud to sign these bills that put Michigan’s children first.” — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer