Mitsubishi Outlander Receives Prestige Ranking for Interior Design

Mitsubishi Motors, Franklin, TN — October 12, 2021

Rankings are all the rage, so it seems. The Top 20 this, the best of that, everyone has an opinion they want to share. Sometimes the hype is overwhelming. However, when a 100+-year-old industry publication says you have one of the Top 10 interior designs among all vehicle manufacturers, people take notice.

Wards Auto, one of the industry’s leading publications, named the 2022 Outlander one of their 10 Best Interiors!

Big News

Here is what Mark Chaffin, Chief Operating Officer, Mitsubishi Motors North America, had to say about the announcement. “This. Is. Huge. The 10 Best Interiors award recognizes outstanding achievement in aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics, materials usage, fit-and-finish, and user-friendliness of displays and controls.”

Outlander Interior / Lasco Press Photo

From Wards’ announcement: “A longstanding criterion for awarding 10 Best Interiors honors is: Does the interior sell the car? (Drew) Winter (Ward’s Senior Content Director) answers yes, emphatically: ‘In terms of the interior being able to sell the vehicle, this interior stands above every other car on the list.’”

Outlander Driver’s display / Lasco Press Photo

Chaffin continued. “We’ve been saying it, …. customers are echoing it, the news media have been reporting it, and now we’re starting to receive the critical acclaim that proves it: Outlander is the real deal.”

More From Mitsubishi

Mark Chaffin went on to say more about Mitsubishi’s success in the North American market.

“Mitsubishi is the most-improved brand, finishing in fourth place non-premium, in the 2021 Automotive Reputation Report. This is a 58-point increase that catapulted us up from the #17 position last year.”

“As we continue to turn heads across the industry and with new and returning customers, this is proof that… our dealer partners know that exceeding customers’ expectations is critical to all of our success. But finishing fourth means there are three brands ahead of us this year, though, so there’s work still to do!”

“Reputation Score is a measurement of our online review ratings and engagement, such as Google star ratings. And just as you likely researched the star ratings or customer reviews prior to the last restaurant you visited, you know that customers are spending more and more time researching brands and dealerships prior to visiting.”

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