Motor City Comic Con Fully in Gear

Novi, MI — October 16, 2021

Wow! How do you even describe it? The Motor City Comic Con is on in Novi. OK, I admit, this was my first visit to such an event. I’d seen the pictures, I’d heard the stories, but until you experience it it is hard to understand the impact of what goes on at a Comic Con.

If you are a people watcher, buy a ticket, head inside, and grab a seat for an entire day of entertainment. There is still time to catch this year’s edition. The Novi Collection Showplace is open tomorrow, Sunday, October 17th from 10 am to 5 pm.


From comic book sales to costume sellers, every imaginable accessory to complete your cosplay outfit. Masks, swords, magic wands, t-shirts, games, and characters. The vendor aisles are packed with the stuff of fantasies and fun.

Local authors hype their books, artists display their wares, and you can buy pictures of anything in the universe, real or imagined.


Meatloaf is slimmed down and looks healthier than he has in years. Ice-T and Coco drew huge crowds for autographs and pictures. Celebrities shared their time, signatures, and images for fans willing to pay for the privilege.

Cosplay Costumes

The real stars of the show are the fans that come to participate dressed as their favorite pop culture characters or trying out a costume that might double up for a Halloween outfit. The only prerequisites are a vivid imagination and a willingness to have yourself photographed in public wearing that!


What fun, this will have to be an annual visit on the media calendar.

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