New Restaurant XOLO Opens in Fenton with Tacos, Tequilas and So Much More

    Fenton, MI — November 4, 2021

    The logo is iconic, a guy with colored glasses, an L-shaped nose, and a handlebar mustache incorporated into the name XOLO. The Tequila menu is a separate placard listed with a seemingly endless number of options for agave fans. And the food, well, just keep reading.

    Lasco Press Photo

    Flint’s popular XOLO Tacos & Tequila Bar/Eatery has expanded with a new location now open in Fenton. Located on the Southeast corner of South Leroy Street and East Caroline Street, the 111 Building provides XOLO with an ideal location to cater to area residents.

    Admittedly I don’t know a lot about Tequila, other than it is in the title of every other song played on local country music stations. “How Much Tequila (Did I Drink Last Night?),” “One Tequila,” “Tequila Little Time,” Tequila on a Boat” all attest to the popularity of the drink. However, when it comes to food, consider me an expert based on the fact I don’t miss too many meals.

    XOLO Knows Tacos

    We stopped in for lunch at the Fenton XOLO to try, what else, a taste of the namesake tacos. The restaurant is wide open and airy, comfortable seating and a view of the downtown street scene make it a comfortable stop any time of the day.

    XOLO in Fenton / Lasco Press Photo

    Even if you are just visiting to grab one of your favorite drinks, yes they serve more than Tequila, be sure and order some homemade yellow corn tortilla chips and one of their salsas. The Salsa Mexicana was a light fresh treat that mixed well with the seasoning on the chips. You can ramp up the heat with Salsa Verde and Roja options, Queso and Guacamole add to the flavor choices.

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    The tacos were to die for, freshly fried homemade tortilla shells had just the right amount of crispness and the taco seasoning was very flavorful without being overpowering or highly spiced. Add some Roja Salsa to bring out the more spicy texture.

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    A Varied Menu

    Moving past the 10 variations of tacos there are other taste-tempting treats on the menu. A hidden gem was the Cubano sandwich. Just like they make them in Miami or Tampa, the traditional Cuban pressed bread held the exact same ingredients that you will find in Latin restaurants throughout the Sunshine State.

    It’s not often that a side dish outshines the main menu item, but you have to try the homemade waffle chips served with the sandwich fare. The best chips you can imagine. Crispy on the outside edges, slightly chewy in the middle, with a light citrus flavor in the seasoning that compliments the other food you are eating. They probably go good with Tequila’s as well.

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    The Staff

    Our waitress was superb, very attentive, and knowledgeable. We learned the staff trained at the XOLO location in Flint so they were well prepared to receive guests when the Fenton spot opened. Owner hosts Kristy and Spencer have done a fine job preparing the new location to move from a smooth opening transition to running at full speed.

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    Kristy was excited about the City of Fenton, “Everyone we have dealt with from the city to local residents have been wonderful. They have been so eager to help us get our business up and running, Fenton is a great environment for business owners.

    The restaurant currently features open seating. Kristy did say, “We are going to put a reservation system in place where we can assure guests a seat at a specific time, however, we will always welcome walk-in traffic to join us at the bar or sit at an available table.”

    XOLO is sure to be a hot ticket in Fenton, Check them out soon.