NASCAR Burnouts on Broadway Torch Nashville

Nashville, TN — December 1, 2021

NASCAR’s year-end celebration returned to Nashville for the 2nd time and Burnouts on Broadway kicked off the festivities. After a 1-year absence due to the pandemic, the Champion’s Week Celebration lit up the lower end of Broadway Street in the “Music City.”


Crowds gathered early to view the 16 Cup cars that qualified for the 2021 NASCAR Playoffs in anticipation of their nighttime burnout show. The cars staged in front of the honky-tonks and souvenir stores on the strip downtown.

NASCAR race cars line up on Broadway in Downtown Nashville / Lasco Press photo
Lasco Press Photo

A late afternoon rain shower sent the fans scurrying for cover filling the restaurants and bars. We hung out in the Lucky B@$t@&d Saloon, a new honkytonk next door to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. The owners were kind enough to allow us access to the rooftop of their new renovation project directly across from The Hard Rock Cafe, the prime photo spot for the burnouts.

Wet Asphalt, No Worries! NASCAR brought a jet dryer, just in case, and the burnout pad at the intersection of Broadway between 1st and 2nd Avenues was dry by the 6:30 pm start time.

Smoking Asphalt

Drivers took their turn at lighting up the Goodyear tires on the rear of their racecars in the reverse order of their finish in the playoff standings. First across the line, Michael McDowell(34) in his yellow Ford Mustang.

Michael McDowell / Lasco Press Photo

Who won the competition? You will have to tune in Saturday, Dec. 4 on NBCSN from 7 – 9 pm when the Celebration Week activities are broadcast.

Some highlights to watch for! Kurt Busch(1), with the undercarriage of his car lit in green neon lights, cast a cool shadow matching the area’s stage lighting.

Lasco Press Photo

Denny Hamlin(11) hit the concrete barrier wall during his spins, Team Penske’s three drivers entered the arena together and tripled the smoke.

One line of a straight burnout and Martin Truex Jr.’s engine expired, the pushcart crew smashed his rear bumper trying to move the car onto the runout area on 1st Avenue. Kevin Harvick burnt his rear tires off as they threw shredded rubber everywhere.

Kevin Harvick Melts Them Down / Lasco Press Photo
BurnOut Rubber / Lasco Press Photo

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The fun continues with the NASCAR Awards Celebration Thursday at the Music City Center.


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