Fenton Polar Plunge Raises Funds to Support Special Olympics

Cold Dives into Lake Fenton Raise Over $95K for Worthy Cause

Fenton, MI — February 11, 2022

The donations are totaled, the funds are in, and once again the fine citizens of Fenton dove in to support a worthy cause. The Fenton Polar Plunge was held at the Fenton Moose Lodge on Lake Fenton Saturday, February 5th.

Perfect Form at the Fenton Polar Plunge / Photo Courtesy of Special Olympics of Michigan

After struggling through the pandemic that turned last year’s plunge into a virtual event, it was great to see the community come together to support Michigan Special Olympics in the freezing cold of a 21 degree winter day. A total of 215 hearty jumpers stepped off the ice into the slushy water that made a cold shower seem appealing.

The best news of all? This year’s proceeds neared a record, raising just over $95,000, the total blew away the stated goal of $65K. The best performance from Fenton’s fundraisers in over a decade.

Lasco Ford Steps Up

A regular supporter of the Polar Plunge, Lasco Ford sent 14 brave participants into the icy lake.

The Lasco Ford Plungers / Lasco Press Photo

Thankfully all 14 returned, albeit with lips the color of the “Blue Oval.” Ford technician and veteran plunger Kenny Anderson was back to show how it’s done, backstroking across the small pond cut into the lake. No complainers, everyone felt good about the experience and supporting such a worthy cause as Special Olympics.

Photo Highlights

Lasco Press photographer, Kelsey Riley, was on hand to snap some pictures of the fun. Along with photos from event organizers, here are some highlights.

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