Lasco Auto Group Celebrates National Appreciation Days

Fenton, MI — March 9th, 2022

Every year when March rolls around the first thing many people think about is March Madness, the annual NCAA Basketball National Championship Tournament. Party animals point to St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, as one of the biggest celebration days of the year.

National Celebration Days have proliferated to the point that you need a scorecard to keep up. After looking into March a bit deeper we learned National Oreo Cookie Day is March 6th, National Potato Chip Day is March 14th, and National Black Forest Cake Day is March 28th. There might be a trend there!

The fact that March is National Women’s History Month has gotten a fair amount of publicity and rightfully so. Two other days in the month have significance that also warrants notice.

Friday, March 4th employers celebrated “Employee Appreciation Day.” Actually, every day is employee appreciation day because without employees nothing gets done. Remember trying to get a seat in a restaurant when they reopened after the pandemic.

It’s like Mother’s Day, we appreciate our moms every day for all the things they do for us. But we set aside one special day each year to do something extra special for them.

March 8th was “Women’s Appreciation Day,” the same situation. Mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, and all the other roles women fulfill.

Two days to say thank you in a special way.

Local Celebrations

We were invited to the Lasco Auto Group to join in the fun of Employee Appreciation Day and Women’s Appreciation Day. How do you express appreciation to an employee? Start with good food. Everyone loves it when someone buys them lunch.

What is another thing employees love? Being told their efforts are valued and recognized! Thank you notes from owners and managers accompanied the celebration of each individual’s contribution to the company’s success.

For the women employees, each received a single daisy with an inspirational love note.

If you missed recognizing the people in your life that mean so much to you, it’s not too late. Schedule your own appreciation activity, make up your own scorecard, call it appropriate to your circumstances, and do what you can to brighten someone’s day.

Oh, and National Journalism Day, also known as National Day on Writing is October 20th. Oreos, potato chips, and Black Forest Cake are good suggestions.