Finding the Best Golf Simulator Enclosure or Screen


If you have been following anything related to golf simulators you might have notice that the interest and sales have skyrocketed after many were stuck home during 2020 & 2021.  Many golfers around the globe were unable to play their weekly rounds of golf and were looking for an alternative.  Home golf simulators went from being fairly common to almost a household name in under 12 months.  What many found out is that you can actually build you own home golf simulator with a DIY package sold online.

carls golf enclosure

There are a few key components that you need to build your DIY home golf simulator.  You need a device like a gaming PC to run the software, HDMI cable, Projector, Turf, Hitting Mat, and a golf simulator enclosure or screen.  Since the image on the screen plays such a vital role with the quality of picture, bounce back of the ball, and overall quality and ease of assembly, this has become one of the most researched components for golf simulators.

Below you will find very useful videos and links to products that will help you not only make a good decision on how to find the best golf simulator enclosure, but make sure you are getting the lowest price while doing so.  Hit them straight and long!

Links to DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures, Screens, Hitting Mats, and more.

Carl’s (Carlofet) Enclosures & Screens

Carl’s DIY Enclosures

PerfectBay Enclosures 


Hitting Mats

Flightscope Mevo+ packages

SkyTrak packages


Important Factors to Consider Choosing a Golf Simulator Enclosure 

  1. Do you have the room and space to fit the golf simulator enclosure or screen?

This is really the place to start your journey when researching the right golf simulator enclosure, screen, and even launch monitor.  You have to have sufficient space to not only fit the final size of the golf simulator enclosure, but you have to have extra room to assemble it or move it into the space.  Many make the mistake of not taking in to consideration you need extra room above, on the sides, and especially behind the screen for movement when the ball hits.  So be sure to take all of this into consideration along with if you have the space to swing safely and enough room for the proper needs of the launch monitor to operate.

2. Will you be using the golf simulator for movies and other media?

The reason this is an important factor is that many screens can be affordable but you need to be sure they do not have big sag, or lower quality material that will not displace movies at their best quality.  The other very important factor is screen format.  Movies are mainly produced in a 16:9 format, but there are a ton of enclosures and screens that are 4:3 which leaves a very small space to fit a 16:9 movie.  So take this into consideration when choosing the size and format of your golf simulator enclosure or golf simulator screen.

3. Do you plan on building your own frame or cutting your own poles?

There are many screens that are sold with the screen and surrounding cover only which requires you to either source and cut your own EMT poles or build you own frame for the screen to mount to.  Some find this easy to accomplish but others do not have the tools or resources and should consider buying a DIY Home Golf Simulator Package that includes all necessary components like poles, corners, etc.