2941 Mediterranean Street Food Comes to Fenton

Fenton, MI — July 14, 2022

Fenton Foodies, there is a new restaurant in town and it is Awesome! If you have had your eye on the corner of the business center on Owen Road, just west of Highway 23, where Silver Parkway ends, you may have seen the Street Food Sign.

29º 41º Mediterranean Street Food / Lasco Press Photo

Now the total package is revealed,  “29º 41º Mediterranean Street Food” is a popular eatery with locations in Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Washington Township, and now Fenton.

Here is Their Story

29º N/41º E is the Longitude & Latitude for the Mediterranean and Mideast. Mediterranean Street Food is a casual culinary experience that transports you to the exotic Fertile Crescent region, where aromatic spice blends, fresh ingredients, and true passion tantalize your senses. We’ve reinvented the classics of Mediterranean cuisine, adding a modern twist that is meant to be savored and shared. Gather around our table, break fresh-baked bread, and take pleasure in embarking on a culinary journey driven by honest, wholesome food that’s delicious and good for you.

Their Mission

We genuinely strive to serve you honest, wholesome food through innovative preparation; breaking bread together while positively nurturing your health and spirit one meal at a time. Virtues We Live By.

The Cuisine

It has always been, and will always be, about using quality ingredients. We simply do not compromise on any products. We are not just another fast-casual concept. However, we strive to provide you with wholesome and honest prepared street food, combined with modern techniques and innovative presentation. They say “you are what you eat” and we genuinely care about what you eat.

We provide you with food that does not contain any preservatives, processed products, food colorings, or additives, and nothing is ever frozen. We pride ourselves on using the highest standards of food preparations and methods created by a master chef and restaurateur. All our bread is baked fresh daily and proteins are grilled to order right in front of you. Our culinary creations bring you the best variety of street foods from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Tunisia.

The Real Experience

In all honesty, my menu choices are generally found at a location on the 29th parallel 141 degrees to the west of the middle east. That would put you in Texas for beef, BBQ, and beans.

Managing partner John Kuza insisted I try some items from the menu. He walked me up to the counter where the grill was fired up and the chicken was roasting. One of the sauces was labeled Cardamom BBQ. Maybe. He grabbed some chips that were called day-old-bread, crusty flavored toast that was delicious. A best-seller for dipping in hummus according to John. Warming up.

Then John shared some secrets. The bread is not really left over, they have to bake extra to keep up with the demand. The oil they use in the kitchen is 100% pure sunflower oil. It costs three times the imitation that is soy based, but you can tell the difference in taste. I agree. Everything is fresh and purchased from local sources. The spicy green beans caught my attention. An investing partner in the venture is the Joe Vicari Group, as in Andiamo’s restaurants. Sold, let’s eat.

Oh my! The Bulgur Wheat rice was mixed with a tomato and olive oil base, then seasoned with something very tasty. The chicken was topped with the BBQ sauce, of course, and a squirt of Chili Tahini. Texas does chili. The spicy green beans were the perfect complement to the rice. Persian cucumbers were mislabeled by me as pickles, far tastier than anything you buy in a jar. All topped with a sprinkling of feta cheese. It was wonderful, add it to the eat-out menu.

One more secret, the soda fountain features pure Michigan-made soft drinks, all-natural. The black cherry cream soda is a must-have treat.

Restaurant Culture

This is not a reference to the area of the world that 2941 foods come from. It is a statement about how the ownership group approaches the restaurant business.

“We are not just a company, but a community consisting of individuals with various backgrounds and beliefs, each with his or her own story of joy and suffering. Much of life only makes sense looking back and we mature through our experiences.”

“Our cultural pursuit here at 2941 is that of compassion, honesty, transparency, living a life that matters through genuinely caring for each other and taking ownership, and always striving to do the right thing, even if no one is looking.”

Just walk into the location at 3409 Owen Road, Suite 500 and you can sense the atmosphere immediately. What a breath of fresh air to be greeted with a smile, treated as a valuable customer, and thanked for choosing their restaurant to visit.

Joining the Neighborhood

This is why 2491 will be an outstanding success in Fenton.

“Every store is part of a community, and we take our stewardship and responsibility to be great neighbors seriously. We want our neighbors to have a sense of belonging wherever we do business. Making a positive impact on the community, bringing our partners, customers, and vendors together through contributing to the betterment of each.”

That and the great food they serve. Of Course!