New Restaurant Downtown Teases Taste In Fenton Visitors


Downtown Fenton, MI — August 18, 2022

UPDATE: Yes, we sometimes make mistakes, Sorry. The Vault Downtown is not expected to open until September. Please accept our apology and we will be sure to double-check our information and announce the correct date as soon as it is announced.

But, you can still look in the windows.


The lights were on, but nobody was home. YET!!

Fenton Foodies who walked through Downtown during yesterday’s “Taste In Fenton” event got to peek inside a new restaurant. The Vault Downtown is opening soon.

“The Vault Dowtown” Fenton’s Newest Restaurant / Lasco Press Photo

Announced last year in The Lasco Press, the much-anticipated eatery occupies the Commercial State Savings Bank building that housed Billmeier Camera for over half a century. The location on the Southwest corner of Caroline and Leroy Streets will be a welcome addition to the Fenton dining scene. More on that in a moment.

Taste In Fenton

After a two-year absence, the popular Taste in Fenton food sampling activity, hosted by the Fenton and Linden Regional Chamber of Commerce, returned with a new twist. Visitors strolled through beautiful Downtown Fenton stopping at the city’s great mix of restaurants to sample everything from Hor’douvers, sides, and main dishes to desserts.

Over the years, The Lasco Press has featured all of these locations, and we count them among our favorite places to visit. Click on the links to read our stories.

Andiamo of Fenton

In its third year in Fenton, the iconic Italian Restaurant Andiamo from the Joe Vicari Restaurant Group features its renowned cuisine downtown.

Lasco Press Photo

Ciao Italian Bistro

Fans of Ciao Amici’s Restaurant in Brighton were thrilled to learn the popular restaurant opened a location “Ciao Italian Bistro” in Fenton.

Lasco Press Photo


Visitors to the bakery know Crust’s famous treats are a heavenly experience! When they expanded to a full-service restaurant, another landmark hit the map in Fenton.

Lasco Press Photo

The Fenton Fire Hall

A fire in the celebrated building that used to house the Fenton Fire Department requiring a rescue by those former residents only added to the colorful history of the restaurant bearing the Fenton Fire Hall moniker. Hot smokey BBQ received a new meaning.

Lasco Press Photo

XOLO Tacos & Tequila Bar/Eatery

A recent addition to the downtown scene, Xolo literally took “street tacos” to the street.

Lasco Press Photo

Despite a brief rain shower as things were getting organized, crowds showed up to sample great food, enjoy the atmosphere of a late summer evening and see why Fenton is the best-biggest little town in Michigan.

Back to The Vault

Yes, we are also excited about “The Vault Downtown” opening soon. The Lasco Press will stop in when things are closer to being ready and bring some pictures of the restaurant to our readers. We understand the actual bank vault has been remodeled and will be in use, can’t wait.

Lasco Press Photo