Holly Area Schools hosts First-Ever Broncho Parent Camp

Holly Area Schools, Holly, MI — September 8, 2022

Parents of middle school and high school Bronchos recently attended the first-ever Broncho Parent Camp hosted by Holly Area Schools.

On Aug. 27, parents and guardians had the opportunity to attend breakout sessions on topics impacting middle and high school students, including substance abuse, the importance of student involvement, bullying, mental health, future planning, and more during Parent Camp’s successful kickoff.

“Holly Area Schools was proud and happy to host our Broncho parents to facilitate discussion on multiple important topics affecting middle and high school students,” said Jennifer Fettig, assistant principal at Holly High School, who led the creation of Broncho Parent Camp. “We’re excited to grow this event in the future and reach even more of our parents, build partnerships and support our students.”

Fettig received support from middle and high school administrators, counselors, and the Holly Area Schools district nurse, in addition to other district staff and community leaders. Parents and guardians who attended Broncho Parent Camp said they found the event helpful, informative, and interactive.

Bronco Parent Camp

Parent Reactions

“I thought the camp was fantastic,” said Renee Swartz, Parent Lighthouse team president. “For those of us parents who attended, we appreciate all the time and effort.”

“Parent Camp was wonderful,” said parent Curley Grant. “It was extremely educational and loaded with lots of great information. I will definitely attend next year.”

Food service was provided, as well as backpacks and raffles with the opportunity to win prizes. Broncho Parent Camp is part of Holly Area Schools’ longstanding commitment to building relationships with the families it serves, keeping families informed, and gathering their feedback.

“Broncho Parent Camp was a great opportunity to expand our partnerships with families to best support our students,” said Scott Roper, Holly Area Schools superintendent. “Holly Area Schools appreciates the opportunity to inform and hear feedback from our school community, and with the involvement of our parents, the future is bright for our Bronchos.”