Fenton Man to Make Boxing Debut in National Event This Month

Fenton's Anthony Rasak begins his amateur boxing career this month, his story is not your normal boxing bio.

Fenton, MI — October 13, 2022

Boxing is a sport generally associated with young people. Boxers start in their teens as amateurs and work their way through rankings to earn a shot at a professional opportunity. So, for someone to start late in that development cycle, they begin at a disadvantage.

Meet Anthony Rasak. Tony loves the sport of boxing. But he did not get involved in it at the typical age. According to Tony, his late teens and early 20’s focused more on the party crowd than the sports scene. Taking the time to develop his athletic skills and physical fitness was not at the top of his priority list.

Before beginning his boxing training, Tony was not in terrible shape. But at 5’11” and 187 pounds, he recognized the need to tone up and get a bit healthier. When he fights in his first tournament, in just over a week, Tony will compete in the light heavyweight class at 171 pounds. And he will be starting this new venture at the age of 46! Dude, what are you thinking? Most boxers are done by their mid-30s.

Anthony Rasak

Mid-Life Crisis?

In addition to his partying ways, Anthony spent his post-education years developing his business skills. Working in the logistics industry, he excelled to the point he opened his own broker service as “Rasak Enterprises.” He operates as an intermediary between shippers and truckers, where he schedules loads and routes to move freight.

As a self-employed businessman, his work life offered more flexibility and personal freedom. That allowed Tony the opportunity to pursue a love of boxing at a non-typical point in life.

While it might sound unusual for someone to begin competing in such a physically demanding and potentially dangerous sport at an age well past the point that others retire from such contests. Tony informed us a large number of individuals participate in USA Masters Boxing.

Masters boxing is an amateur boxing division sanctioned by USA Boxing. To join, you must be 35 years of age or older, have never competed in any combat sport as a professional, and must be registered with an up-to-date USA Boxing Masters passbook and yearly physical. Those 45 years of age or older must also pass an exercise EKG, also known as a stress test (the EKG is valid for 5 years).

Master Boxing Requirements

In addition to passing the physical requirements to Box, you must train at a licensed gym. Tony works out and learns his craft at the Flint Town Boxing Club. You also need a valid Amateur Boxing License to enter a tournament.

Tony Trains at the Flint Town Fight Club

Tony’s fighting debut will be in THE 1ST ANNUAL NEW JERSEY MASTERS BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS, held in Atlantic City, on October 22nd and 23rd. In his bracket, there are three qualified fighters entered. One individual has a single fight under his belt and, by virtue of that experience, advanced to the Championship bout on Sunday. Tony and his opponent on Saturday are both fighting rookies. The winner of their bout will advance to the Sunday final.

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook both days beginning at noon. Tune in at  https://www.facebook.com/usamastersboxing.


We were curious if Tony had ever taken a shot from a fighter and if he knows what to expect when he steps into the ring. That is a definite affirmative. He usually spars 12 rounds a week, always against younger fighters. Tony suffered a cracked rib while training and has taken numerous body shots as well as blows to the head.

He considers sparring with 15-year-olds his secret weapon. After dodging their punches and taking their best shots, he feels it will be to his advantage when facing an older and slower opponent. Oh My, there seems to be some validity to that logic.

We wish Tony well and can’t wait to find out how he fares in launching his amateur boxing career. It would be awesome to have a Masters Boxing Champion reside in our community. The Lasco Press will update this story after the tournament weekend.