Jinglefest Rings in Christmas Season in Fenton

Downtown Fenton — December 3, 2022

Jinglefest, presented by the Fenton & Linden Regional Chamber of Commerce, wound its way through downtown Fenton Saturday night. Much to the delight of visitors lining the parade route.

Employees of Lasco Ford decorated a Ford pickup truck for display in the parade. Joining local businesses and organizations in celebrating the holiday season in the town’s annual lighted parade.

Revelers enjoyed a variety of activities organized by the chamber during the day of the event, in addition to visiting the many stores and eateries that make Fenton a must-visit destination during the Christmas shopping season.

  • Jinglejog 5K Run & Walk
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Horse & Carriage Rides
  • Warming Tent
  • Entertainment
  • Refreshments
  • Tree Lighting
  • Fireworks

Lasco Ford Photos provided by Cassie Shay. Send us your pictures and we will add them to the article for all to enjoy. E-mail photos to steve@thelascopress.