The Pure Michigan Hunt, Win the Hunting Combo of a Lifetime

The Entry Fee / Donation helps fund Michigan's wildlife habitat restoration and management.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lansing, MI — December 8, 2022

Do you know about the “Pure Michigan Hunt?” Let’s be straight up from the start. Your odds of winning are mighty long. The Michigan DNR does not publish the chances of your application being selected, it depends on how many entries come in before the deadline.

However, your $5 application fee puts you in the prize drawing, and what a prize it is. If your lucky number is not chosen, the funds support Michigan’s wildlife habitat restoration and management. A worthy donation for any sportsman or sportswoman.

Don’t Miss the Deadline

Pure Michigan Hunt applications are on sale until midnight on December 31. You could win a prize package worth thousands, as well as licenses for elk, bear, spring and fall turkey, antlerless deer, and the first pick at a managed waterfowl hunt area! Don’t miss out on your shot at Michigan’s ultimate hunt!

To find out more about what your hunting license and application dollars are accomplishing, see the Wildlife Division’s annual reports.

Note: Prize package subject to change. Only Michigan residents are eligible to obtain the elk license. Non-residents can transfer the elk license to a resident of their choice. 

Photo Courtesy of Michigan DNR

Here are the Complete Details (FAQ)

What is the Pure Michigan Hunt? The Pure Michigan Hunt (PMH) is a unique multi-species hunting opportunity. Individuals apply as many times as they like, and the winner will obtain licenses for the following species: one any-elk (only Michigan residents are eligible to obtain the elk license), one bear, one spring turkey, one fall turkey, and one antlerless deer and one base license. In addition, the winner may have the first pick at a hunting location at a managed waterfowl area during the reserved hunt period. All licenses must be purchased in the award year.

Why do I have to enter my Driver’s License number to apply? Driver’s License numbers are required when applying for the Pure Michigan Hunt because it is still considered a hunting license application and not a lottery. The Pure Michigan Hunt allows individuals to have a chance to purchase their hunting licenses. Individuals under a court-ordered license revocation cannot win the Pure Michigan Hunt.

What do you win besides licenses? Besides the limited access licenses, three winners will receive a prize package from Michigan companies and organizations. The prize package will vary from year to year based on what donations are received.

How do I apply? Individuals may purchase $5 PMH applications, license code 300, at all license agent locations or on the DNR’s eLicense website. PMH application purchases are unlimited, so you can enter as many times as you wish to be entered into the drawing. Application fees are non-refundable.

Who can apply? You must be at least ten years old, have completed hunter safety training, and cannot be under a court-ordered license revocation. Non-residents may apply, but only Michigan residents are eligible to obtain the elk license. Individuals ineligible for an elk license because of previous drawing success are still eligible for the PMH.

Can you purchase PMH applications for other people? Yes. You can either use their driver’s license or sportcard number to make the purchase, or you can purchase with your driver’s license or sportcard, and if selected as the winner, you can transfer your prizes and licenses to a person of your choosing (see transfer information below).

When can I apply, and when will the winners be announced? Applications are available from March 1 until Dec. 31, with drawing results announced in January. Three individuals will be chosen at random.

May I still apply for other hunts? Yes. Applying for the PMH does not affect your eligibility to apply for or purchase other hunting licenses. Winning the PMH drawing does not cause an individual to forfeit preference points or weighted advantage for any other limited hunt.

If I win, what seasons can I hunt? Licenses are good for any and all areas of the state open for that species during all hunt periods. For antlerless deer hunting, you could hunt in any unit open for antlerless deer hunting and within the dates open for antlerless deer hunting. For bear, you could hunt in any unit open for bear hunting and within the dates open for bear hunting, except a PMH winner cannot hunt on Drummond Island. For turkey, you could hunt in any unit open for turkey hunting and within the dates open for turkey hunting. For elk, you could hunt every season until you are successful; e.g., if you hunted in the first period for an elk but were not successful, you can now move to the second period, etc.

Can I transfer Pure Michigan Hunt licenses to someone else? Yes. The department has created a hunt transfer program for the Pure Michigan Hunt. PMH winners are able to transfer their opportunity to purchase some of their PMH licenses (retaining some licenses for themselves) or transfer the entire PMH hunting package, including base licenses to any other individual who meets the PMH applicant criteria. Winners may transfer licenses or the entire PMH package to any individual who satisfies the eligibility requirements established for PMH applicants and are eligible to purchase licenses for the hunts being transferred.

Where does the money go that is generated from the PMH? The money goes directly to pay for wildlife habitat management and restoration in Michigan. To find out more about what your hunting license and application dollars are accomplishing, see the Wildlife Division’s annual reports.