Lasco Ford Donates $25,000 to help LAFF Pathway Complete Phase 2

Fenton, MI — January 9, 2023

The LAFF Pathway’s mission is to connect the Linden, Argentine, Fenton, and Fenton Township (LAFF) communities with non-motorized pathways that will create recreational opportunities and alternative forms of transportation, improve public safety, increase community and home values, and realize economic gains for area businesses.

This multi-community effort continues to advance that mission with federal and state grants that help to fund the project. Many local businesses and individuals have joined the coalition. With additional guidance from Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation and the City of Fenton, the completion of Phase Two is now the focus.

Lasco Ford, through their community support initiative of “Lasco Gives” recently added to the drive to help complete matching funds from grants that will finance the current Phase. The $25,000 donation brings the non-profit closer to that goal.

From left to right: Matt Lasco, Ed Koledo, Jay Lasco, and Denny Dunfield

Jay Lasco, Vice President of Lasco Ford, commented: During our almost 40 years of providing goods and services to Fenton and its surrounding neighbors, Lasco Ford has followed through on their corporate commitment of giving back to the communities that support our business. We see LAFF Pathways as providing a significant upgrade to the citizens of Linden, Argentine, Fenton, and Fenton Township. We are proud to assist in their efforts.

Ed Koledo, Chairman and Executive Director of Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation, thanked Lasco Ford for their generous donation. “The $25,000 donation demonstrates Lasco Ford’s commitment to our community, making it a better, and safer, place to live, work and play.”

“Fundraising is still in progress for The State Bank Trail, LAFF Pathways Inc. (LAFF) and Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation (SLPR) have received approval for grants totaling just over $1.8 million and locally raised over $790,000 towards a total project estimate of almost $2.9 million. We are working with our engineers to complete an updated cost estimate for the construction and then work with the granting authorities to match the current grants closer to a revised project total.”

Contributions from citizens are always appreciated. Tax Deductible gifts can be made to benefit the LAFF Pathway Fund through the Community Foundation of Greater Flint at or by clicking the link below.

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