Nashville Supercross Crowns a 250SX East Champion

Nashville, TN — April 29, 2023

Nashville hosts Round 15 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series with only two events left after today’s event. In the 250SX East Division, Hunter Lawrence is running away from the competition. While Eli Tomac still leads the 450SX class, he would like to stretch his advantage over Cooper Webb(-11) and Chase Sexton(-21), with Denver and Salt Lake City still to go in the next two weeks.

With heavy rain last week in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Justin Barcia earned his first 450SX win in almost two years. Tomac padded his points lead slightly with a solid second-place finish.

Max Anstie pulled out a surprise win in the East/West Showdown with the Lawrence brothers, Jett and Hunter, finishing second and third.

Skies are gray in Nashville, and a brief light shower wetted the track during prep work. Creating the perfect conditions and with no more inclement weather in the forecast, fans are packing the stadium.

250SX East Heats

Jordan Smith(58), Haiden Deegan(238), and Chris Blose(57) fired out of the starting gate, intent on leaving the remainder of the field in the dust. Lapped traffic allowed Deegan to close on the leader, but they finished the way they started, with the checkered flag going to Smith.

Jordan Smith / Lasco Press Photo

Max Antsie(63) and Caden Braswell(243) both beat Hunter Lawrence(96) to the holeshot timing line. But, it did not take long for the points leader to move past both riders. Antsie kept Lawrence in sight but could not reduce the interval between them. Braswell faded, and Jeremy Martin(6) moved up to take the third spot.

450SX Heats

Eli Tomac(1) and Cooper Webb(2) were both in the first heat for the 450SX class. The championship could well have been decided by the time the pair reach the third corner on the initial lap of the race.

Tomac pulled out to a slight advantage around the first corner, and Webb edged ahead after rounding the second turn. Through the whoops, they were dead even, and as they rounded the third corner to head back down the starting straightaway, Webb went down. There was no contact between the pair. However, Adam Cianciarulo(9), just behind the two riders, hit the helmet of Webb with his front wheel.

Tomac motored on, and Webb had to be assisted off the track by the Alpine Medical Crew.

Tomac blew away the field as Cianciarulo and Justin Hill(46) crossed the line in the second and third positions.

Eli Tomac / Lasco Press Photo

In Heat Two, Ken Roczen(94) and Justin Barcia(51) continue their personal battle as they quickly separate from the pack. Jason Anderson(21) ran third, with Chase Sexton(23) back in fourth.

Anderson crashed hard and could not rejoin the moto. Sexton narrowed the interval between himself and the leaders as they worked through the lappers. Barcia caught Roczen and made the pass for the lead at the midway point of the race.

Sexton joined the battle and worked his way around Roczen as well. Setting his sites on the leader, they raced to the checkered flag with Barcia holding the advantage.

Cooper Webb was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Jason Anderson was able to make it to the starting gate for the 450SX Last Chance Qualifier. A comfortable win in the LCQ sent him to the main event.

250SX East Main Event

Hunter Lawrence earned the holeshot, but it was Jordan Smith who ran him high in the second corner and took the lead. Lawrence settled into second, and Joe Shimoda ran third, all equal intervals apart.

Haiden Deegan got off to a slow start but worked his way into fifth and a battle with Jeremy Martin. Just past the 10-minute mark, Smith came out of a corner and wobbled badly. He did not go down but veered off track, allowing Lawrence to take over the top spot.

Deegan worked his way around Martin, much to the delight of the huge crowd on hand. With under five minutes to go in the timed portion of the moto, it was Lawrence, Shimoda, Smith, and Deegan. Nobody was making a charge to move up a position.

Haiden Deegan / Lasco Press Photo

Working through the lappers was mainly uneventful. Deegan had a close call with a downed rider in the whoops. Smith made a late run through the whoops in an attempt to catch Shimoda. But, everyone held their positions across the finish. Lawrence clinched the 250SX East Championship with the victory.

250SX East Main Event Results

1 96 Hunter Lawrence Honda CRF250R Team Honda HRC
2 30 Jo Shimoda Kawasaki KX250 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
3 58 Jordon Smith Yamaha YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing
4 238 Haiden Deegan Yamaha YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing
5 63 Max Anstie Honda CRF250R Fire Power Honda
6 6 Jeremy Martin Yamaha YZ250F Muc-Off FXR ClubMX Yamaha
7 128 Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX-F FE Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
8 57 Chris Blose Kawasaki KX250 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
9 66 Henry Miller Honda CRF250R Ti-Lube, Storm Lake Honda, Innovation Concrete Inc, Rangeline
10 67 Cullin Park Honda CRF250R Phoenix Racing Honda
11 125 Luke Neese Honda CRF250R Red Research Group, Honda of Lynchburg
12 339 Talon Hawkins Husqvarna FC 250 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
13 91 Jeremy Hand Honda CRF250R Valley Ford Truck, Dean Hushon Insulation, Wiseco, SKDA, 6D
14 62 Jace Owen Honda CRF250R Phoenix Racing Honda
15 243 Caden Braswell Honda CRF250R Phoenix Racing Honda
16 86 Josiah Natzke Kawasaki KX250 Partzilla Prmx Racing
17 285 Coty Schock Honda CRF250R Phoenix Racing Honda
18 330 A J Catanzaro Honda CRF250R The Moto Academy, Honda
19 460 Michael Hicks Honda CRF250R TiLube Honda Racing, Storm Lake Honda, FXR, 6D, X Brand
20 242 Garrett Hoffman Yamaha YZ250F TPJ, Yamaha, Fly Racing, Oakley, Yoshimura, RTMX, Pirelli
21 511 Jace Kessler Honda CRF250R Onlyfans, Kessler Concrete, ATeam Honda
22 247 Brock Papi Kawasaki KX250 Namura Invictus Speed, Mosites Motorsports Makripodis Olive

250 SX East Standings

 1 96 Hunter Lawrence Wesley Chapel, FL 224
 2 238 Haiden Deegan Tallahassee, FL 168
 3 63 Max Anstie Cairo, GA 166
 4 58 Jordon Smith Ochlocknee, GA 141
 5 57 Chris Blose Phoenix, AZ 132
 6 6 Jeremy Martin Rochester, MN 128
 7 29 Nate Thrasher Livingston, TN 120
 8 128 Tom Vialle Murrieta, CA 111
 9 67 Cullin Park Clermont, FL 109
 10 285 Coty Schock Dover, DE 89
 11 66 Henry Miller Rochester, MN 86
 12 62 Jace Owen Mattoon, IL 76
 13 339 Talon Hawkins Temecula, CA 73
 14 91 Jeremy Hand Mantua, OH 62
 15 832 Chance Hymas Pocatello, ID 60
 16 30 Jo Shimoda Menifee, CA 56
 17 460 Michael Hicks Fenton, MO 55
 18 243 Caden Braswell Shalimar, FL 52
 19 31 Michael Mosiman Minneaola, FL 51
 20 125 Luke Neese Jamestown, NC 44
 21 50 Marshal Weltin Ubly, MI 42
 22 99 Hardy Munoz Kissimmee, FL 32
 23 247 Brock Papi Clermont, Fl 29
 24 330 A J Catanzaro Tampa, FL 28
 25 86 Josiah Natzke Hamer, SC 17


450SX Main Event

Eli Tomac beat everyone to the first turn and put the field in a huge deficit by the end of the first lap. Adam Cianciarulo crashed in the first corner and faced the daunting challenge of having to run through the entire pack of riders to earn a decent finishing spot.

With Tomac out front by over two seconds, Chase Sexton, Justin Hill, Justin Barcia, and Ken Roczen rounded out the top five. Just before the halfway point of the race, Barcia crashed hard in the whoops and had to be assisted off the track by the medical crew.

Working through the lappers, Sexton was able to catch and pass Tomac for the lead. Roczen rode his way into the third position but was far out of any shot at the lead pair.

Ken Roczen / Lasco Press Photo

Clear of traffic, Sexton was able to increase the advantage over Tomac. Riding smart and steady, the three leaders held their positions to the finish.

Chase Sexton / Lasco Press Photo

Jason Anderson came out of the LCQ to finish sixth, and Cianciarulo worked his way from last to eighth at the checkered flag.

With Webb not getting a point, Sexton moves up to second in the standings and trails Tomac by 18. When Tomac was asked how he would ride out the next two weeks, he replied. “Ride smart and manage the points gap. Two podiums would be ideal.” With two podium finishes Tomac will defend his 450SX Championship.

450SX Main Event Results

 1 23 Chase Sexton Honda CRF450R Team Honda HRC
 2 1 Eli Tomac Yamaha YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing
 3 94 Ken Roczen Suzuki RM-Z450 Progressive Insurance Ecstar Suzuki
 4 45 Colt Nichols Honda CRF450R Team Honda HRC
 5 46 Justin Hill KTM 450 SX-F Team Tedder Monster Energy Mountain Motorsports
 6 21 Jason Anderson Kawasaki KX450SR Monster Energy Kawasaki
 7 15 Dean Wilson Honda CRF450R Fire Power Honda
 8 9 Adam Cianciarulo Kawasaki KX450SR Monster Energy Kawasaki
 9 11 Kyle Chisholm Suzuki RM-Z450 Twisted Tea Suzuki Progressive Insurance
 10 751 Josh Hill KTM 450 SX-F Team Tedder Monster Energy Mountain Motorsports
 11 60 Justin Starling GASGAS MC 450F FXR, General Grind & Machine, JSR Motorsports
 12 80 Kevin Moranz KTM 450 SX-F Next Level Racing, Tank Masters, Red Line Oil, KTM
 13 90 Tristan Lane GASGAS MC 450F Next Level Racing, Silverback Racing, American Recycling Center
 14 519 Joshua Cartwright Kawasaki KX450 Psychic Motorsports, T3 Civil, Ronnie Prado Company, Cardinal
 15 74 Logan Karnow Kawasaki KX450 Only Fans, Oneal, TCD, Rabbit Savior, Kennedy Cycles
 16 219 Chase Marquier Kawasaki KX450 Partzilla Prmx Racing
 17 170 Devin Simonson Kawasaki KX250 Partzilla Prmx Racing
 18 604 Max Miller KTM 450 SX-F Rides Unlimited, Bell, FMF, Scott, Factory Connection
 19 68 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450 Partzilla Prmx Racing
 20 12 Shane McElrath Suzuki RM-Z450 Twisted Tea Suzuki Progressive Insurance
 21 51 Justin Barcia GASGAS MC 450F Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing
 22 78 Grant Harlan Yamaha YZ450F Rock River Yamaha


450SX Standings

 1 1 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO 338
 2 23 Chase Sexton Clermont, FL 320
 3 2 Cooper Webb Newport, NC 304
 4 94 Ken Roczen Clermont, FL 280
 5 51 Justin Barcia Greenville, FL 267
 6 21 Jason Anderson Rio Rancho, NM 242
 7 7 Aaron Plessinger Hamilton, OH 213
 8 46 Justin Hill Yoncalla, OR 172
 9 9 Adam Cianciarulo New Smyrna Beach, FL 170
 10 15 Dean Wilson Menifee, CA 165
 11 28 Christian Craig Clermont, FL 150
 12 45 Colt Nichols Murrieta, CA 139
 13 12 Shane McElrath Oakland, FL 117
 14 751 Josh Hill Huntersville, NC 116
 15 44 Benny Bloss Oak Grove, MO 91
 16 11 Kyle Chisholm Valrico, FL 88
 17 17 Joey Savatgy Clermont, FL 85
 18 80 Kevin Moranz Topeka, KS 81
 19 32 Justin Cooper Tallahassee, FL 76
 20 78 Grant Harlan Decatur, TX 67
 21 60 Justin Starling Riverview, FL 66
 22 47 Fredrik Noren Indian Trail, NC 63
 23 519 Joshua Cartwright Fort Worth, TX 58
 24 14 Dylan Ferrandis Tallahassee, FL 56
 25 68 Cade Clason Cameron, NC 43


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