At Lasco Ford It’s All In The Family

Fenton, MI — July 26, 2023

Successful companies have learned that creating a positive work environment is key to employee satisfaction and retention. We spend a significant portion of each week on the job engaged with fellow employees. Having a cohesive group of workers is like having a family that pulls together to achieve the same goals and aspirations.

Lasco Ford of Fenton has a unique situation where that family cohesion actually exists for one of the technicians in their service department.

Meet Joe Oprisiu

Joe Oprisiu is a Certified Master Technician with additional certifications that apply to medium and heavy-duty vehicles that require advanced training to perform repairs.

His family, like many in the metro-Detroit area, worked for one of the car manufacturing companies. Specifically Ford Motor Company. To say Joe’s career path was influenced by family history is partially correct. But instead of helping build Fords, Joe wanted to repair them.

“I have a knack for fixing things. It comes easy for me. I started in the business by changing the oil on Fords and learning as much as I could about how they operated. The more complicated the issue, the better. I loved the challenge of working the problem through.”

At Lasco Ford, Joe primarily works on Ford’s lineup of trucks. Commercial accounts trust him to keep their vehicles on the road conducting business.

Heavy trucks sometimes take a beating in everyday use. Joe is an expert when it comes to engine, transmission, and vehicle electrical issues, which can be the most complex of the truck’s components.

We asked Joe what he likes best about working at Lasco Ford. He was quick to respond. “It’s the people I work with. There is a real sense of working together to get the job done.”

That takes on extra meaning when you see the whole picture.

Joe and Carter Oprisiu / Lasco Press Photo

Meet Carter Oprisiu

Carter Oprisiu is a 17-year-old entering his senior year of high school this fall. Carter already has enough college credits to put himself well past the average freshman enrollee. He is on a solid path to a rewarding career already.

Carter works with his dad Joe at Lasco Ford in a modified apprentice program in conjunction with his schooling. Talk to Carter for just a few minutes, and you quickly see this is an intelligent young man.

Like Dad, Carter wants to repair cars as his occupation. Most people do not realize the sophistication and complexity of today’s automobiles. Working on them requires skill, dexterity, an understanding of electronics, and the aptitude to learn how computers control almost every function of the components that make it possible to drive the vehicle.

Maybe Joe sees a little of himself in Carter. He is always willing to work on anything, learns quickly, enjoys the challenge, works well with his hands, and excels in the technical classroom.

Family is Important

For generations in this country, fathers taught sons how to work and the details of the business the family depended on for sustenance.

Working on trucks comes with a certain amount of potential danger if proper care is not exercised. How does mom Shannon feel about her son’s career choice? According to Joe, she is fine with it. She knows Joe will teach him properly, make sure he stays safe and learn to do things the right way.

Joe and Carter working on a heavy-duty truck transmission repair / Lasco Press Photo

No word yet on if 15-year-old daughter Emalee is going to follow a “Blue Oval” career. Family roots run deep. I would not bet against it.

Lasco Ford Career Opportunities

If you are a local automotive technician or retail automotive specialist looking for a home with an environment you can learn, grow and excel in? You owe it to yourself to check out the opportunities available at Lasco Ford. Call or Text Dave Brooks at 248-343-0320 to schedule an appointment to visit the dealership and experience the family work atmosphere.

If you are reading this story and you live outside the Southeastern Michigan market. Maybe you are considering a change and looking for a place to put down real roots for yourself and your family. Check out the reasons why you should consider Fenton, Michigan, as a place to base your career journey.

Why You Should Consider Fenton, MI, and Lasco Ford as the Place to Base Your Career

If you are an automotive customer specialist, technician, parts consultant, or sales professional looking for a new home in the perfect environment, here are some reasons to consider the Fenton, Michigan, area as the place for you.

Nestled in the heart of Genesee County, Fenton is a small town with all the advantages of a large growing city.

  • Great Restaurants, a good combination of local eateries, and popular chains with new additions coming to town frequently
  • Community activities that focus on family, traditions, and making Fenton a welcoming place to live and do business
  • Positive economic outlook. While some cities in Michigan struggle economically, Fenton is above the curve and constantly moving forward.
  • The Big Ten Conference. Located an approximately equal distance between The University of Michigan and Michigan State University, the availability of major college sports and culture is a significant factor for individuals who enjoy participation.
  • Professional Sports. The proximity to Detroit allows ventures into the city to enjoy pro football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Nearby Flint offers the Ontario Hockey League Flint Firebirds in an intimate arena that treats fans to great views and competitive hockey. Just up the road, Grand Blanc hosts one of the PGA Tour Champions’ most successful tournaments providing millions of dollars to local charities.
  • Outdoor Activities. Hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, skiing, biking, and a world-class ORV area have all the outdoor fun that Michigan is famous for.
  • Great Schools. Fenton High School and Lake Fenton High School have outstanding academic, cultural, and sports programs. Community support of educational opportunities in Fenton is exceptional and the pride of Genesee County.

With over 40 years of tenure in the Fenton community, Lasco Ford and the Lasco Auto Group have a few opportunities for individuals looking for a long-term, stable, and rewarding career in the retail automotive industry.

  • Stable ownership where team membership grows to extended family status.
  • A growing dealer group with multiple stores offering ongoing training and in-house advancement opportunities.
  • Competitive and rewarding compensation plans with comprehensive benefits. Individuals are given the opportunity to advance their careers and earnings potential.
  • A positive and encouraging work environment designed to help everyone succeed.
  • An outstanding reputation for community involvement and customer service that provides team members with a sense of pride in their association with the company.