Jett Lawrence Continues Win Streak, Hunter Lawrence Suffers 2nd Bad Week in a Row

ProMotocross has Jett Lawrence Streaking and Hunter Lawrence Leaking in their respective MX Class Points Battles

The Wick 338 MX, Southwick, MA — July 8, 2023

After his minor injury at RedBud, Hunter Lawrence is back to see if he can get back on track with his dominance of the 250MX Class this week at The Wick in Southwick, Massachusetts. Haiden Deegan will see if he can extend his remarkable rookie season with a follow-up to his win in Southwestern Michigan.

Of course, everyone is watching Jett Lawrence to see if he can continue his winning streak among the 450MX riders. No one has had anything for Jett, as he is making it look easy by pulling away to large intervals in every race so far this outdoor season.

250 Class Moto #1

Justin Cooper(32) earned the holeshot and established a lead over Tom Vialle(128) for the first half of the race, with Seth Hammaker(35) holding down the third spot. Hunter Lawrence(96) was back in eighth, and last week’s winner Haiden Deegan(238) ran ninth.

Cooper looked to be on his way to becoming the second rider this year to get the better of Lawrence, who was having trouble moving up through the field. Until Cooper went down, and Vialle made the pass for the lead.

Lawrence was not his dominant self but had worked his way to fourth with two laps to go. However, his Honda suffered a mechanical failure, and he was left sitting on the side of the track, watching his points lead slip away.

Vialle got his first win in the United States. Cooper recovered from his fall to take the second spot. RJ Hampshire(24) earned a podium spot, while Deegan moved up to fourth when Lawrence dropped out.

Lawrence finished in the 26th position and failed to earn a point for his efforts. The rookie Deegan became the new 250 MX ProMotocross points leader.

250 Class Moto #1 Results

Position Rider Behind
1 Tom Vialle
2 Justin Cooper 17.410
3 R.J. Hampshire 23.337
4 Haiden Deegan 30.496
5 Levi Kitchen 33.085
6 Jo Shimoda 40.322
7 Seth Hammaker 43.707
8 Max Vohland 88.405
9 Caden Braswell 103.192
10 Talon Hawkins 107.192

450 Class Moto #1

With half the Lawrence brothers having issues two weeks in a row, would this be the week that Jett’s winning streak would come to an end?

Jett Lawrence(18) flew out of the starting gate. But, it would be Chase Sexton(23) that grabbed the holeshot. The lead was short-lived, as Lawrence made the pass for the top spot early in the first lap.

Sexton settled into second place, and super privateer Ty Masterpool(81) held the third spot. The interval between Lawrence and Sexton moved from two to four seconds over the first 15 minutes of the moto. They opened a huge interval over the rest of the field.

Dylan Ferrandis(14) moved into the third spot, and he held a comfortable lead over Aaron Plessinger(7) in fourth.

As the laps wound down, Lawrence picked up the pace and rode away with a comfortable win to his 11th straight moto in the 450 MX class.

450 Class Moto #1 Results

Position Rider Behind
1 Jett Lawrence
2 Chase Sexton 7.003
3 Dylan Ferrandis 53.703
4 Aaron Plessinger 89.252
5 Ty Masterpool 93.855
6 Jason Anderson 98.691
7 Adam Cianciarulo 112.829
8 Chris Canning 130.010
9 Jose Butron 138.050
10 Garrett Marchbanks 152.458


250 Class Moto #2

Inspired by the Moto #1 victory, Vialle took the early lead, this time with Jo Shimoda(17) on his tail. Seth Hammaker held third ahead of Justin Cooper in fourth.

Hunter Lawrence was mired back in the 17th position. The new points leader, Haiden Deegan, sat mid-pack.

Ten minutes in, the top four remained the same. Lawrence was up to ninth, and Deegan ran tenth.

Rain began to fall on The Wick, and the sandy track became even harder to navigate. After hounding Vialle lap after lap, Shimoda took the lead just before the halfway point and began to build a small advantage. Lawrence sat eighth, Deegan ninth.

Shimoda rode away with the win. With a late run, Cooper replaced Vialle in the second position, and Vialle held on for third. The one-three finish gave Vialle the overall victory. Cooper(2-2) took second, and Shimoda’s(6-1) Moto #2 win was good enough for third overall.

Lawrence finished eighth, and Deegan tenth. Deegan came in sixth overall, and Lawrence 13th. Deegan leaves Southwick with a five-point lead over Lawrence, and five riders are within 22 points of the top spot in the standings.

250 Class Moto #2 Results

Position Rider Behind
1 Jo Shimoda
2 Justin Cooper 4.079
3 Tom Vialle 4.857
4 RJ Hampshire 6.898
5 Seth Hammaker 35.21
6 Max Vohland 38.221
7 Jalek Swoll 38.336
8 Hunter Lawrence 40.698
9 Levi Kitchen 59.398
10 Haiden Deegan 68.918


250 Class Points Standings

450 Class Moto #2

The start of the 450 MX Moto #2 was similar to the first race. This time it was Dylan Ferrandis taking the holeshot before being passed quickly by Jett Lawrence.

Ferrandis and Chase Sexton were able to hang within a few seconds of the leader. However, the rest of the field quickly fell far behind, with the interval widening every lap.

At the 10-minute mark, Sexton made the pass for second. Ferrandis began to slip further behind while Sexton tried to narrow the distance between himself and Lawrence.

Just like he has done throughout the outdoor season, when anyone puts some pressure on him, Jett reaches back and finds another level to pull away. Lawrence remains unbeaten. Sexton and Ferrandis hold their podium spots.

The overall results are pretty easy to calculate. Lawrence(1-1), Sexton(2-2) and Ferrandis(3-3) just like they finished both motos.

The series moves on to Millville, Minnesota, to see if anyone can mount a challenge to the leader.

450 Class Moto #2 Results

Position Rider Behind
1 Jett Lawrence
2 Chase Sexton 14.711
3 Dylan Ferrandis 52.867
4 Aaron Plessinger 103.806
5 Garrett Marchbanks 121.032
6 Jose Butron 128.214
7 Chris Channing 137.744
8 Adam Cianciarulo 145.725
9 Grant Harlan 147.239
10 Ty Masterpool 166.479


450 Class Points Standings