Jett Lawrence Remains Perfect in ProMotocross, Haiden Deegan Gets Second Overall Win

Washougal MX Park, Washougal, WA — July 22, 2023

The 2023 Pro Motocross Championship heads west to Washougal, Washington, for the Washougal National. The main storyline remains unchanged. Can anyone derail the Jett Lawrence unbeaten streak that has now reached 14 motos in the 450CC Class?

Jett’s brother Hunter regained the points lead in the 250 CC Class last week after rookie Haiden Deegan spent one week at the top of the standings. RJ Hampshire, Jo Shimoda, and Justin Cooper are still in the mix and looking to close on the two leaders at Washougal.

250 Class Moto #1

After a less-than-stellar performance last week, Haiden Deegan(238) fired out of the starting gate to grab the holeshot and build a quick lead on the pack in Moto #1. Hunter Lawrence(96) started ninth but was up to sixth by the end of lap one.

Justin Cooper(32) and Max Vohland(34) ran second and third. They were consistently losing time to Deegan as the rookie rode away from the pack. Seth Hammaker(35) and Levi Kitchen(43) rounded out the top five.

Ten minutes in, and the leaders began catching lapped traffic. Deegan was four and a half seconds out front. While the real battle on the track was Hammaker, Kitchen, and Lawrence for fourth through sixth.

Lawrence was able to get by Kitchen, but positions were hard to gain on a track that is traditionally difficult to pass on. He began tracking Hammaker, looking for an opening to grab another spot.

At the halfway point of the timed portion of the moto, Deegan had added two more seconds to his lead. Lawrence set up Hammaker for the pass and completed it easily out of a corner with the inside lane.

Riding in and out of the trees on the course plays tricks on the rider’s vision, with the shadows making it difficult to see. Lawrence was patient and set up another pass to take over the final podium position from Vohland.

Deegan managed the interval at the front while Lawrence slowly closed on Cooper in second place. Hunter made the pass, but several lappers and almost five seconds separated Lawrence from Deegan.

“Danger Boy” Deegan held on for the win, with Lawrence and Cooper closing out their rides with podium positions. Deegan cut into Lawrence’s points lead and trails by just ten markers heading into the second moto of the day.

250 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos # Rider Behind
1 238 H Deegan
2 96 H Lawrence 2.762
3 32 J Cooper 6.837
4 24 RJ Hampshire 9.619
5 34 M Vohland 16.232
6 30 J Shimoda 16.445
7 35 S Hammaker 25.777
8 43 L Kitchen 34.926
9 52 C Mumford 52.605
10 38 J Swoll 66.103

450 Class Moto #1

Dylan Ferrandis(14) took the holeshot away from Jett Lawrence(18) and held the lead early. Chase Sexton(23), Jason Anderson(21), and Super Privateer Ty Masterpool(81) made up the remainder of the top five.

Lawrence rode patiently, tracking Ferrandis. Five minutes into the moto, Lawrence made the pass for the lead. In a replay of every race of the ProMotocross outdoor season, once in the lead, Lawrence consistently pulled away from the pack.

At the midpoint, Sexton made the pass on Ferrandis for the lead. However, he trailed Lawrence by six and a half seconds.

Instead of closing the gap, Sexton continued to lose time to Lawrence, who continued his dominance of the ProMotocross Championship with his 15th moto win in a row.

450 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos # Rider Behind
1 18 J Lawrence
2 23 C Sexton 7.992
3 14 D Ferrandis 16.185
4 21 J Anderson 18.650
5 9 A Cianciarulo 41.398
6 81 T Masterpool 62.210
7 7 A Plessinger 69.940
8 36 G Marchbanks 75.418
9 47 Fredrik Noren 83.051
10 45 Colt Nichols 107.053

250 Class Moto #2

In Moto #2, it was Justin Cooper who set the early pace. Levi Kitchen ran second, Seth Hammaker third, and Haiden Deegan in the fourth spot. Hunter Lawrence was back in sixth. Deegan quickly moved up to third on lap two, but from there, he had to work hard to make passes.

After catching Kitchen and finally making the pass, Deegan set his sights on the leader. Moving past Cooper into the top spot was a big plus for the rookie, as Lawrence could only advance to fourth by the end of the race after recovering from a fall on the track. Lawrence’s lead in the championship standings shrunk to just 3 points over Deegan.

Haiden Deegan / Photo Courtesy of

Deegan (1-1) won his second overall title of the season and has a real shot at the ProMotocross Championship. Cooper (3-2) took second ahead of Lawrence (2-4). The series now takes a three-week break before resuming with just three events on the schedule remaining. Unadilla, Bud’s Creek, and the final at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN.

250 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos # Rider Behind
1 238 H Deegan
2 32 J Cooper 7.974
3 43 L Kitchen 10.161
4 96 H Lawrence 18.450
5 24 RJ Hampshire 27.529
6 35 S Hammaker 31.521
7 30 J Shimoda 41.114
8 34 M Vohland 62.173
9 52 C Mumford 66.256
10 55 A Forkner 87.293


250 Class Points Standings

450 Class Moto #2

Not much drama in the 450 Moto #2. Aaron Plessinger was the early leader, but it was just a matter of time before Jett Lawrence set him up for the pass and the lead that he never relinquished.

Chase Sexton moved past Plessinger, who was able to hold onto the final podium spot. Lawrence (1-1) and Sexton (2-2) continue their personal series of finishes. Jett gets his 16th straight moto win, and Jason Anderson (4-4) snuck into the final podium spot, his first since coming back from his injury at the end of the Supercross season.

450 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos # Rider Behind
1 J Lawrence
2 C Sexton 3.053
3 A Plessinger 48.452
4 J Anderson 57.103
5 D Ferrandis 67.170
6 G Marchbanks 78.325
7 A Cianciarulo 81.099
8 T Masterpool 90.291
9 P Nicoletti 108.399
10 C Nichols 120.844


450 Class Points Standings