ProMotocross Back to Form as the Lawrence Brothers Post Wins at Spring Creek

Spring Creek MX Park, Millville, MN — July 15, 2023

After losing the points lead in the 250 CC Class, Hunter Lawrence will be looking to rebound and get back on the winning track at Spring Creek. Rookie Haiden Deegan squeezed past Lawrence last week at Southwick, despite not making the podium. He will be looking to get back into the top three at Millville.

In the 450 CC Class, it’s the same story. Can anyone end the Jett Lawrence 12-race win streak? Just five events remain to determine the riders who will compete in the first Super Motocross Playoffs.

250 Class Moto #1

Joe Shimoda(30) picked the perfect gate in the middle of the track. He drove easily to the holeshot and into the lead ahead of Haiden Deegan(238) and Levi Kitchen. Hunter Lawrence(96) was mired back in the ninth spot.

Spring Creek MX / Photo Credit Align Media

Five minutes in, and Shimoda opened over a four-second lead on the pack. Positions began to change behind the leader. Lawrence began to move to the front, passing Tom Vialle(128), RJ Hampshire(24), Kitchen, and Justin Cooper(32) to move into the third spot.

Deegan made a mistake and veered off track, allowing Lawrence and Cooper to move up to second and third.

At the mid-point of the timed portion of the moto, Shimoda held a five-second lead over Lawrence. Deegan dropped another spot as Hampshire passed for the fourth position. RJ continued his march forward as he passed Cooper to move into a podium position.

Up front, Lawrence cut the deficit behind Shimoda in half and continued to pick up fractions of a second each lap. With two minutes to go, they were nose to tail. As the clock ran out, they were side-by-side.

After crossing the finish line with two laps to go, Lawrence made the pass. Once in the lead, Hunter stretched his advantage. Hampshire rode safely in third, followed by Cooper and Deegan. The points battle will take another shuffle with Lawrence back on top heading into the second moto of the day.

250 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 96 Hunter Lawrence
2 30 Jo Shimoda 2.201
3 24 RJ Hampshire 8.787
4 32 Justin Cooper 25.124
5 238 Haiden Deegan 30.157
6 128 Tom Vialle 39.899
7 43 Levi Kitchen 43.509
8 38 Jalek Swoll 50.363
9 33 Pierce Brown 52.407
10 34 Max Vohland 56.093


450 Class Moto #1

Someone other than Jett Lawrence(18) got the holeshot in the 450 CC Moto #1. Adam Cianciarulo(9) and Aaron Plessinger(7) crossed the line first.

The advantage did not last long as Lawrence took the lead well before they completed the first lap. Chase Sexton was third until he caught his front tire first out of a jump, and it pitched his bike to the right causing Chase to hit the dirt. He dropped to the sixth spot.

Sexton rebounded to finish in second, 12 seconds behind the moto winner. Jason Anderson(21), on the comeback from his Supercross injury, finished third. The interval between Lawrence and Anderson was 51.078 seconds.

450 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 23 Chase Sexton 11.908
3 21 Jason Anderson 51.078
4 7 Aaron Plessinger 52.967
5 14 Dylan Ferrandis 64.507
6 36 Garrett Marchbanks 93.289
7 9 Adam Cianciarulo 97.989
8 81 Ty Masterpool 111.737
9 78 Grant Harlan 115.140
10 47 Fredrik Noren 140.399

250 Class Moto #2

Levi Kitchen tried to edge out Hunter Lawrence for the holeshot win. But Lawrence passed for the lead before the line and immediately checked out on the field.

Justin Cooper ran third, Ryder DiFrancesco(75) was fourth, and Shimoda sat fifth. Haiden Deegan lost the points lead in Moto #1 and will lose more points in this race if he cannot improve on his 14th place position at the start.

Cooper took over second but could not cut into the advantage Lawrence held.

Jo Shimoda and Levi Kitchen put on a classic battle for the third spot as they were looking at the overall standings behind Lawrence.

Shimoda eventually prevailed and made a run on Cooper before dropping back and settling into the position. Deegan worked his way through the field to move to eighth as time wound down.

Lawrence crashed on the final lap and gave away the win to Cooper. His lead was large enough that he recovered before Shimoda could catch him. However, it was close at the finish as the interval was just four-tenths of a second.

Justin Cooper / Photo Credit Align Media

Hunter still took the overall event win (1-2), with Cooper taking second (4-1) and Shimoda completing the podium line-up in third (2-3).

250 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 32 Justin Cooper
2 96 Hunter Lawrence 4.026
3 30 Jo Shimoda 4.424
4 43 Levi Kitchen 17.067
5 128 Tom Vialle 19.775
6 24 RJ Hampshire 33.427
7 34 Max Vohland 39.624
8 238 Haiden Deegan 46.583
9 55 Austin Forkner 51.882
10 241 Daxton Bennick 54.611


250 Class Points Standings

Hunter Lawrence regained the points lead and sits 13 up on Haiden Deegan. Five riders are within 21 points at the top of the standings.

450 Class Moto #2

After a great run in Moto #1, where he pressured Jett Lawrence late, Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot. Unfortunately, before he could attempt to establish a lead interval, Sexton lost traction on his rear wheel, allowing Lawrence to take the top spot away.

Adam Cianciarulo ran third, with Dylan Ferrandis in fourth. Jason Anderson, who finished third in the first race, got involved in an incident at the start and was in 37th position on lap one.

Six minutes into the 30-minute timed portion of the moto, Sexton went into a corner too deep and fell over. Cianciarulo passed for second. The result was Lawrence stretched his advantage to 12 seconds, and it appears the unbeaten streak will continue.

Sexton recovered to pass Ciaciarulo and move back to second. At the same time, Dylan Ferrandis closed to challenge Adam for the third position.

At the halfway point, Ferrandis moved past Cianciarulo for third. A charging Aaron Plessinger also got around taking the fourth spot.

Dylan Ferrandis / Photo Credit Align Media

The leaders held their positions to the finish. Jett Lawrence easily wins the overall (1-1). Chase Sexton finishes second (2-2). Dylan Ferrandis (5-3) edges out Aaron Plessinger (4-4) by virtue of his better finish in the second moto.

Next week the series visits Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington, before taking a three-week break. Coming back East, three events will close out the season.

450 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 23 Chase Sexton 16.728
3 14 Dylan Ferrandis 22.464
4 7 Aaron Plessinger 27.662
5 9 Adam Cianciarulo 65.308
6 81 Ty Masterpool 82.016
7 78 Grant Harlan 85.192
8 36 Garrett Marchbanks 97.603
9 47 Fredrik Noren 99.726
10 107 Jose Butron 109.602


450 Class Points Standings