Someone Other Than a Lawrence Brother Grabs a Win at RedBud MX

Haiden Deegan gets his first overall win in the ProMotorcross Series as Hunter Lawrences exits the second moto of the day with an injury after a first corner crash.

RedBud MX, Buchanan, MI — July 1, 2023

The annual Independence Day visit to RedBud comes three days before the holiday this year. Many folks will have an extended weekend as some businesses will close on the Monday before the Fourth.

Start the party early and run it late as fans gather in Buchanan, Michigan, to watch ProMotocross and celebrate our country’s independence. Shouts of RedBudddddd and USA, USA will echo through the hills of southwest Michigan.

Fans are also excited to see if the dominance of the Hunter Brothers will continue at the iconic venue that is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

250 Class Moto #1

Hunter Lawrence(96) fired out of the starting gate like he had something to prove. After rookie Daxton Bennick(241) earned the top qualifier spot. Lawrence was determined to get a good start in the opening moto of the day and not have to fight back as he has done all year.

Daxton Bennick / Lasco Press Photo

Haiden Deegan(238) settled into second, with Ryder DiFrancesco(75) holding down third.

Ryder DiFrancesco / Lasco Press Photo

Five minutes in, and Tom Vialle(128) was making a run at the third spot. He and Ryder collided and sent both of them well back into the pack.

Out front, Lawrence was pulling away. He increased his lead over Deegan to seven seconds. With Seth Hammaker(35) and Jo Shimoda battling for the third spot.

Shimoda took the position and began to put space between himself and Hammaker. Lawrence continued to stretch out the interval with his lead at almost 10 seconds over Deegan with 10 minutes left in the timed portion of the moto.

During the closing portion of the race, Shimoda dropped back. Hammaker returned to the third spot. But RJ Hampshire(24) tracked down, caught, and passed Hammaker for the final podium spot.

As Lawrence and Deegan crossed the finish line one-two, Vialle had worked his way back into the top ten finishing ninth. Speedy rookie Bennick came in tenth.

250 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 96 H. Lawrence
2 238 Deegan 13.363
3 24 Hampshire 24.386
4 32 Cooper 31.782
5 35 Hammaker 36.610
6 34 Vohland 34.878
7 30 Shimoda 35.917
8 43 Kitchen 38.577
9 128 Vialle 69.830
10 241 Bennick 78.749

450 Class Moto #1

The Lawrence family show continues as Jett Lawrence(18) grabs the hole shot and begins to ride away. Can anyone stop the dynamic brother duo?

Ty Masterpool(81) in second and Dylan Ferrandis(14) in third cannot keep pace with Lawrence. They have Adam Cianciarulo(9), Chase Sexton(23), and Aaron Plessinger(7) hot on their tail. Jason Anderson(21), returning from his injury during the Supercross season, ran seventh.

Dylan Ferrandis / Lasco Press Photo

Ten minutes in, and Lawrence had built the advantage to over 10 seconds. Chase Sexton was the man on the move passing Ferrandis and Masterpool to take over the second spot.

Ferrandis followed Masterpool for most of the race until he was able to make the pass with three minutes to go in the moto.

With a minute to go, Masterpool and Cianciarulo crashed. Handing the final podium position to Ferrandis. Lawrence’s margin of victory? Almost 20 seconds.

450 Class Moto #1 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 18 J. Lawrence
2 23 Sexton 17.920
3 14 Ferrandis 28.239
4 7 Plessinger 30.710
5 21 Anderson 42.777
6 81 Masterpool 72.244
7 47 Noren 78.784
8 103 Locurcio 85.321
9 36 Marchbanks 113.475
10 69 Nicoletti 136.580

250 Class Moto #2

Unfortunately, it took an injury to slow down Hunter Lawrence. At the start of Moto Two, Hunter went down in the first corner. He had to be assisted off the track by the medical crew. He exited, holding his wrist and in obvious pain.

Haiden Deegan grabbed the holeshot, but it was Levi Kitchen(43) who rode to the lead early. Tom Vialle sat in the third position. Kitchen finished eighth in the first moto, so he will need some help to take the overall title. Deegan finished second in the first race and sits in the best position to capture his first overall ProMotorcross title.

Haiden Deegan / Lasco Press Photo

Justin Cooper(32), Jo Shimoda, and Ryder DiFrancesco hold positions four through six. But are not able to make up any time on the leaders. All the drama in this race happened at the start. Vialle was able to catch and pass Deegan for second place. However, the two-three was enough to give Deegan his first overall win in the 250 MX class in ProMotocross. Kitchen finished eight-one for second overall, and Justin Cooper’s four-four rounded out the podium.

250 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 43 Levi Kitchen
2 128 Tom Vialle 8.961
3 238 Haiden Deegan 12.242
4 32 Justin Cooper 26.556
5 30 Jo Shimoda 29.060
6 34 Max Vohland 36.056
7 24 R.J. Hampshire 62.521
8 38 Jalek Swoll 76.946
9 241  Daxton Bennick 84.502
10 35 Seth Hammaker 87.903

250 Class Points Standings

Hunter Lawrence retained the points lead. But his DNF tightened the standings. The good news was he did not suffer a serious injury, just some bumps and bruises, and should return next week at Southwick, Massachusetts.

450 Class Moto #2

The start of the 450 MX Moto Two was a carbon copy of the first race. With Jett Lawrence taking the holeshot, Ty Masterpool in second, and Dylan Ferrandis in third. Masterpool had a mechanical problem with his bike and dropped out of contention early.

Jett Lawrence / Lasco Press Photo

Ferrandis moved up to second, and Sexton took over the third spot. An early spill allowed Plessinger to pass, but Sexton regained the position. At the ten-minute mark, Ferrandis was hanging tough behind Lawrence. Both Ferrandis and Sexton remained within 10 seconds of the leader to the finish of the race. Still, Lawrence continued his season-long unbeaten streak to five events and ten total races.

Chase Sexton / Lasco Press Photo

Lawrence’s one-one finishes continued the overall dominance. Dylan Ferrandis’ three-two took second overall, and Chase Sexton’s two-three finishes placed him on the podium third overall.

450 Class Moto #2 Results

Pos No Rider Behind
1 18 J Lawrence
2 14 Ferrandis 4.894
3 23 Sexton 7.034
4 7 Plessinger 70.644
5 36 Marchbanks 95.883
6 9 Cianciarulo 110.492
7 21 Anderson 115.795
8 47 Noren 118.067
9 69 Nicoletti 166.941
10 107 Butron 1 Lap

450 Class Points Standings