Jett Lawrence Completes the Perfect Season 22-0 in AMA Pro Motocross

Ironman Raceway, Crawfordsville, IN — August 26, 2023
The milestone 10th running of the Tucker Freight Lines Ironman National could see a multitude of new additions to the record books.

With his championship journey complete, Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence still has one historic task ahead of him in his quest to complete the fourth-ever perfect season in Pro Motocross history. The 20-year-old Australian will chase Moto wins 21 and 22 as he looks to become the first 450-class rookie to accomplish the sport’s rarest feat and complete one of the most memorable seasons in more than a half-century of racing.

In the 250 Class, title drama will headline the final two motos of the season as Team Honda HRC’s Hunter Lawrence looks to join his younger brother atop the championship podium, which would see the pair make history as the first siblings to sweep the Pro Motocross titles. He’ll manage a 22-point lead over Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Justin Cooper, as well as a 48-point margin over Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Jo Shimoda, as these three riders comprise the only racers still mathematically eligible to capture the Gary Jones Cup.

The Lawrence’s pursuit of history is complemented by Honda’s potential to become the first manufacturer in the history of the sport to capture every major title in a single season.

Not to be outdone, the final sprint to the SuperMotocross World Championship Playoffs looms large for the entirety of the field as seeding within the top 20, and the final few spots that remain in the top 30 are all on the line at Ironman.

250 Moto #1

Hunter Lawrence(96) was mired in the middle of the pack starting 20th after the gate drop. He got trapped behind Justin Cooper(32), who went down in the first corner. Ryder DiFrancesco(75) grabbed the holeshot and began to grow the lead interval.

Tom Vialle(32), Seth Hamaker(35), Jo Shimoda(30), and Haiden Deegan(238) round out the top five early on.

Nine minutes in, Vialle made the pass on DiFranesco to take over the lead. Shimoda and Deegan followed him past soon after. Lawrence was up to 11th, and Cooper ran in the 17th position.

At the midway point of the timed section of the race, Shimoda passed Vialle for the top spot. Deegan moved up to challenge Vialle as the top three were well clear of the remainder of the pack. Eventually, Deegan prevailed, but the battle allowed Shimoda to stretch the lead interval.

Lawrence moved to 10th while Cooper stayed six positions back in 16th. The difference in points at this stage of the race would lock the title up for Lawrence.

The top three remained the same to the finish, with Shimoda taking the win. Hunter Lawrence’s fifth-place finish locked out Justin Cooper from any chance of catching him in the final moto of the year, clinching the Pro Motocross 250CC National Championship.

250 Moto #1 Results

Pos. # Rider Behind
1 30 Jo Shimoda
2 238 Haiden Deegan 7.696
3 128 Tom Vialle 10.322
4 55 Austin Forkner 36.304
5 96 Hunter Lawrence 38.573
6 35 Seth Hammaker 41.411
7 43 Levi kitchen 45.012
8 34 Max Vohland 47.229
9 75 Ryder DiFrancesco 48.691
10 339 Talon Hawkins 53.881

Justin Cooper finished 13th.

450 Moto #1

Two more Motos to go for the perfect season. Can Jett Lawrence(18) get it done? Last week was the first race he did not lead from start to finish. He had to work his way through ten riders to get the win.

This week, no problem. Lawrence was first out of the gate, first across the holeshot line and pulling away. On lap one, Aaron Plessinger(7) was able to hang onto second. Chase Sexton(23) did not get the start he was looking for, but he worked his way up and passed Plessinger early.

Jett had established a two-second gap over second, and generally, that has been enough for him to work the interval to his advantage.

With the championship already wrapped up, Lawrence has nothing to worry about with regard to points, so he can run all-out to secure the win.

Ten minutes in, and the lead was over three seconds. Jason Anderson(21) had moved past Plessinger to take over the third spot.

At the mid-point, the interval had grown to over five seconds.

Dylan Ferrandis(14) steadily moved his way up the leaderboard, taking the third position from Anderson. He was 20 seconds behind Lawrence.

With five minutes to go, Lawrence was seven seconds up on Sexton.

Mark it down, 21 in a row for Jett Lawrence, one more moto for season-long perfection.

Photo Credit Align Media

450 Moto #1 Results

Pos. # Rider Behind
1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 23 Chase Sexton 5.883
3 14 Dylan Ferrandis 37.781
4 21 Jason Anderson 49.859
5 7 Aaron Plessinger 55.457
6 9 Adam Cianciarulo 66.262
7 36 Garrett Marchbanks 80.917
8 539 Dylan Wright 93.749
9 953 Harri Kullas 97.281
10 493 Jess Pettis 109.702

250 Moto #2

Ryder DiFrancesco again earned the hole shot and led for the first 10 minutes before Jo Shimoda and Levi Kitchen passed him. Hunter Lawrence started 12th and moved up to the top ten but never contended. The mail-it-in performance might indicate he is already focused on the playoffs and not wanting to take any risks in a meaningless moto.

Shimoda took the win and the overall title (1-1). Justin Cooper finished second, but his 13-place finish knocked him out of contention for the overall podium. Haiden Deegan (2-3) and Tom Vialle (3-4) joined Shimoda for the post-race celebration.

250 Moto #2 Results

Pos. # Rider Behind
1 30 Jo Shimoda
2 32 Justin Cooper 2.177
3 238 Haiden Deegan 35.933
4 128 Tom Vialle 44.299
5 38 Jalek Swoll 53.092
6 75 Ryder DiFrancesco 56.678
7 241 Daxton Bennick 58.256
8 34 Max Vohland 58.256
9 96 Hunter Lawrence 65.505
10 10 Pierce Brown 69.518


250 Points Standings

450 Moto #2

Jett Lawrence flinched at the start before the gate drop. Dylan Ferrandis took the lead but crashed after two turns. Lawrence did not hit the gate and recovered quickly. Keeping his focus, he led after the third turn on the course.

Chase Sexton and Aaron Plessinger ran second and third, but Lawrence built a two-second lead quickly. Jason Anderson, who hit the starting gate when he flinched, recovered to run in the fourth position.

The interval hovered around three and a half seconds as Sexton tried to hang with Lawrence. As he has all year, Lawrence managed the gap and just remained flawless on the track.

Call him “Mr. Perfect” as Jett gets it done: 22 straight wins. A remarkable accomplishment for the rookie.

The overall, as it has been all year, goes to Lawrence (1-1). Another second for Sexton (2-2) and a very crowd-pleasing podium finish for Aaron Plessinger (5-3)

450 Moto #2 Results

Pos. # Rider Behind
1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 23 Chase Sexton 1.736
3 7 Aaron Plessinger 66.251
4 21 Jason Anderson 86.723
5 51 Justin Barcia 92.493
6 9 Adam Cianciarulo 100.123
7 69 Phil Nicoletti 104.821
8 36 Garrett Marchbanks 105.110
9 539 Dylan Wright 127.436
10 47 Fredrik Noren 1 Lap


450 Points Standings