Lasco Auto Group Hosts Employee Appreciation Days

Fenton, MI — October 11, 2023

Most employee satisfaction studies point to being comfortable at the place you work, being respected, enjoying the company atmosphere and the people you work with. Such an environment leads to long-term tenure with an organization and a sense of fulfillment from your job.

After all, we spend a significant amount of our waking hours with our co-workers. Should they not be considered a second family? The employees at the Lasco Auto Group will tell you that is the type of relationship they have with management and each other.

This month, the staff and families of Lasco Ford, Grand Blanc Mitsubishi, and Waterford Mitsubishi were treated to Family Appreciation Days at all three dealerships. Delicious lunches were served in a fellowship-friendly manner, games were played, everyone enjoyed cider with donuts, and significant accomplishments of individuals were recognized.

Anyone who spends a decade or more at one place of employment deserves the thanks and appreciation of management. It is a sign of a stable workplace and a testament to how important individual workers are to the company.

Here are some recent milestones recognized by the Lasco Auto Group.

  • Todd Camp – 20 Years – Lasco Ford and Grand Blanc Mitsubishi
  • Greg Reid – 15 Years – Lasco Ford
  • Kelsey Riley – 10 Years – Lasco Ford
  • Antwan Reed – 10 Years – Grand Blanc Mitsubishi
  • Jan Stevens-Reber – 5 Years – Lasco Ford
  • Alex Neaton – 5 Years – Lasco Ford
  • Cory Becker – 5 Years – Lasco Ford

Some photographs from the activities. For more photos, visit the author’s Facebook Page at the following link.