Wild Supercross in Arlington Tightens 450SX Standings Again

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX — February 24, 2024

After a week off, the 2024 Supercross Season resumes tonight at AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys home, in Arlington, Texas.

It is the Military Appreciation Race, and the opening ceremonies were a salute to those who have served their country. Teams rolled out new designs for the event.

450SX Heats

In Heat One, Aaron Plessinger(7) shot out of the gate and grabbed the holeshot, building an early lead over Eli Tomac(3) and Ken Roczen(94). Hunter Lawrence(96) ran in the fourth spot. Series Champion Chase Sexton(1) started in 10th.

As the timed portion of the moto ran down, Tomac was able to pull even with Plessinger. But Aaron held off the charge. However, on the final lap, Tomac was able to make another run and passed Plessinger for the Heat win.

Eli Tomac(3) and Aaron Plessinger(7) battle it out in Arlington / Photo Courtesy of Feld Motor Sports

Roczen kept the third spot, and Sexton recovered for the fourth position.

The Second Heat featured Jett Lawrence(18), Cooper Webb(2) and Jason Anderson(21). Lawrence got the holeshot, but Webb passed for the early lead briefly. Anderson went from third to first and established himself as the leader.

Lawrence followed Anderson past Webb and into the second spot. Malcolm Stewart(27) was the rider on the move. When Lawrence and Anderson had an altercation in a corner, Stewart closed and moved past Lawrence into the second spot.

Lawrence recovered and passed both riders to take the lead. Stewart disposed of Anderson and blew past Stewart for the lead. Much to the delight of the crowd, Stewart caught and passed Lawrence. But he could not hold the position.

When Stewart made a small mistake, Lawrence retook the lead and rode away to the Heat win.

Stewart finished second, Anderson took third, and Webb came in fourth.

250SX East Heats

A lot of the fast riders went down early in Detroit. They will be looking to bounce back in just their season’s second race.

Haiden Deegan(38) and Jalek Swool(33) raced side-by-side into turn one and quickly opened a gap on the remainder of the field. Deegan pulled away while Swoll dropped back behind Max Anstie(37) and the points leader, Austin Forkner(64).

Forkner eventually moved into second and began to make up ground on Deegan. Near the end of the race, Forkner caught and passed the youngster. Deegan fought back, and the two collided, with Deegan coming out the worst in the incident, getting passed by Antsie for the second position.

In Heat Two, Seth Hammaker(43) got the fast start but almost went down after getting sideways in a corner. In a surprise at the front of the pack, Nick Romano(511) came out of the early scramble with the lead.

Another of those riders who had trouble in Detroit was Cameron McAdoo(63). After a solid start, he just kept moving forward. McAdoo caught and passed Romano for the Heat win. Hammaker recovered to finish third.

250SX East Main Event

Haiden Deegan and Nick Romano rode together through the first corner of the main event. However, Austin Forkner blew past both riders into the lead by corner two.

Deegan managed to maintain the second spot. Romano surrendered third to Seth Hammaker and fourth to Cameron McAdoo.

McAdoo passed his teammate Hammaker into third but still trailed Deegan by 2.5 seconds. Deegan could keep Forkner in sight, but the interval held study at 1.5 seconds at the race’s mid-point.

Jalek Swoll, the lead Triumph rider, crashed hard and had to be assisted from the track. He finished the night in the 22nd and last position.

As the minutes wound down, Deegan cut into Forkner’s lead. Until Danger Boy almost lost his bike in the sand section of the track. When it looked like Forkner would lock down the win, he missed the table-top jump, landed hard, and was ejected off the bike.

Forkner flew off the track and landed on the concrete, crashing out of the event.

Deegan inherited the lead and rode to his first Supercross victory.

Haiden Deegan Celebrates his first Supercross win / Photo Courtesy of Feld Motor Sports

Cameron McAdoo took second, and Tom Vialle(16) rounded out the podium with his third-place finish. Forkner was able to stand up and walk off the track. He was credited with a 20th-place finish.

250SX East Main Event Results

1 38 Haiden Deegan Yamaha YZ250F 21 Laps Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
2 63 Cameron Mcadoo Kawasaki KX250 7.113 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
3 16 Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX-F FE 9.645 Red Bull KTM
4 43 Seth Hammaker Kawasaki KX250 11.042 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
5 39 Pierce Brown GASGAS MC 250F 12.855 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
6 37 Max Anstie Honda CRF250R 13.897 Firepower Honda
7 48 Chance Hymas Honda CRF250R 23.927 Team Honda HRC
8 69 Coty Schock Yamaha YZ250F 27.284 Coty Schock Racing
9 83 Guillem Farres Husqvarna FC 250 RE 28.925 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
10 59 Daxton Bennick Yamaha YZ250F 34.683 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
11 65 Henry Miller Honda CRF250R 39.889 Henry Miller Racing
12 511 Nicholas Romano Yamaha YZ250F 42.307 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
13 75 Marshal Weltin Yamaha YZ250F 48.440 Marshal Weltin Racing
14 60 Lorenzo Locurcio GASGAS MC 250F FE 20 Laps Lorenzo Locurcio Racing
15 602 Gage Linville GASGAS MC 250F FE 3.076 Gage Linville Racing
16 296 Ryder Floyd Honda CRF250R 14.346 Ryder Floyd Racing
17 682 Izaih Clark Honda CRF250R 19 Laps Iziah Clark Racing
18 80 Michael Hicks Yamaha YZ250F 34.276 Michael Hicks Racing
19 247 Brock Papi Husqvarna FC 250 18 Laps Brock Papi Racing
20 64 Austin Forkner Kawasaki KX250 16 Laps Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
21 90 Hardy Munoz Kawasaki KX250 10 Laps HBI Racing Kawasaki
22 33 Jalek Swoll Triumph TF 250-X DNF Triumph Racing


250SX East Points Standings

1 37 Max Anstie London, England 38
2 39 Pierce Brown Sandy, UT 34
3 59 Daxton Bennick Morganton, NC 32
4 69 Coty Schock Dover, DE 32
5 38 Haiden Deegan Temecula, CA 31
6 63 Cameron Mcadoo Sioux City, IA 29
7 64 Austin Forkner Richards, MO 27
8 48 Chance Hymas Pocatello, ID 27
9 83 Guillem Farres Barcelona, Spain 27
10 65 Henry Miller Rochester, MN 26
11 16 Tom Vialle Avignon, France 24
12 75 Marshal Weltin Ubly, MI 22
13 43 Seth Hammaker Bainbridge, PA 19
14 511 Nicholas Romano Bayside, NY 18
15 33 Jalek Swoll Belleview, FL 16
16 602 Gage Linville Lake Park, GA 12
17 174 Trevor Colip Bowling Green, IN 11
18 86 Luca Marsalisi Cairo, GA 10
19 128 Preston Boespflug Battle Ground, WA 9
20 60 Lorenzo Locurcio Valencia, Venezuela 8


Max Anstie will take the red plate into Daytona. Haiden Deegan moved to fifth in the standings, just seven points out of the top spot.

450SX Main Event

Jett Lawrence got a great start and quickly pulled away from his brother Hunter in second. Cooper Webb moved into second, and Aaron Plessinger sat fourth. The favorites had trouble. Eli Tomac went down early and dropped to the 11th spot. Ken Roczen and Malcolm Stewart crashed together when Roczen got squeezed out trying to pass Vince Friese(125). Both dropped out of the top 10. Chase Sexton ran seventh after a bad start.

Out front, Lawrence stretched his lead to 2.5 seconds over Webb. Plessinger passed Hunter Lawrence to move into the final podium position.

At the halfway point of the race, Jett Lawrence increased his lead interval to 3.5 seconds over Webb, and Plessinger was another three seconds back in third.  Hunter Lawrence, Sexton, and Tomac held the next three positions. Without a serious mishap by the leaders, the podium appears to be locked.

Staging one of his classic late-race comebacks, Tomac passed Sexton and Hunter Lawrence. Then Jett Lawrence had a foot slip off the foot-peg, and he crashed. Suddenly, the race took on a new completion.


Webb passed Jett as he was remounting his bike. Lawrence made a furious run to try and regain the lead. He crashed again on the last lap, allowing Tomac to finish second and Plessinger third, resulting in a huge swing in the points standings.

450SX Main Event Results

1 2 Cooper Webb Yamaha YZ450F 27 Laps Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
2 3 Eli Tomac Yamaha YZ450F 2.968 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
3 7 Aaron Plessinger KTM 450 SX-F FE 4.884 Red Bull KTM
4 18 Jett Lawrence Honda CRF450R 7.903 Team Honda HRC
5 96 Hunter Lawrence Honda CRF450R 18.303 Team Honda HRC
6 1 Chase Sexton KTM 450 SX-F FE 20.259 Red Bull KTM
7 32 Justin Cooper Yamaha YZ450F 21.737 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
8 94 Ken Roczen Suzuki RM-Z450 25.964 HEP Motorsports
9 27 Malcolm Stewart Husqvarna FC 450 RE 27.651 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
10 21 Jason Anderson Kawasaki KX450SR 48.480 Monster Energy Kawasaki
11 125 Vince Friese Honda CRF450R 26 Laps Smartop MotoConcepts Racing Honda
12 55 Mitchell Oldenburg Honda CRF450R 5.087 Mitchell Oldenburg Racing
13 15 Dean Wilson Honda CRF450R 10.471 Firepower Honda
14 51 Justin Barcia GASGAS MC 450F 12.334 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
15 12 Shane McElrath Suzuki RM-Z450 17.489 HEP Motorsports
16 200 Ryan Breece Yamaha YZ450F 25.006 Ryan Breece Racing
17 46 Justin Hill KTM 450 SX-F 29.388 Team Tedder Racing
18 67 Benny Bloss Beta 450 RX 30.853 Liqui Moly Beta
19 41 Carson Mumford Honda CRF450R 25 Laps Carson Mumford Racing
20 70 Jerry Robin Yamaha YZ450F 24 Laps Jerry Robin Racing
21 73 Robbie Wageman Yamaha YZ450F 23 Laps Robbie Wageman Racing
22 14 Dylan Ferrandis Honda CRF450R 16 Laps Phoenix Racing Honda


450SX Points Standings

1 18 Jett Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 135
2 2 Cooper Webb Newport, NC 132
3 7 Aaron Plessinger Hamilton, OH 128
4 1 Chase Sexton LaMoille, IL 127
5 3 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO 122
6 21 Jason Anderson Rio Rancho, NM 118
7 94 Ken Roczen Mattstedt, Germany 116
8 14 Dylan Ferrandis Bedarrides, France 93
9 96 Hunter Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 86
10 32 Justin Cooper Cold Springs Harbor, NY 75
11 51 Justin Barcia Monroe, NY 71
12 27 Malcolm Stewart Haines City, FL 64
13 12 Shane McElrath Oakland, FL 56
14 111 Jorge Prado Lugo, Spain 45
15 15 Dean Wilson Glasgow, Scotland 44
16 28 Christian Craig San Diego, CA 39
17 9 Adam Cianciarulo New Smyrna Beach, FL 33
18 46 Justin Hill Yoncalla, OR 28
19 125 Vince Friese Cape Girardeau, MO 26
20 52 Derek Drake Lake Elsinore, CA 25



Next week, the circuit heads to Daytona, and The Lasco Press will have live coverage of the event every rider in both classes wants to add to their resume.