Jett Lawrence Wins Again at Birmingham Supercross

Protective Stadium, Birmingham, AL — March 9, 2024

It has been 40 years since AMA Supercross held an event in Alabama. The series stops in Birmingham for a pivotal battle in the points standing for the 450SX and 250SX East classes.

The 250SX East riders left Daytona with the top six riders separated by only four points.

250SX East Points Standings After Daytona

1 37 Max Anstie London, England 52
2 63 Cameron McAdoo Sioux City, IA 51
3 39 Pierce Brown Sandy, UT 51
4 16 Tom Vialle Avignon, France 49
5 38 Haiden Deegan Temecula, CA 49
6 69 Coty Schock Dover, DE 48


In the 450SX Class, it is possible a changing of the guard occurred when Jett Lawrence ended Eli Tomac’s dominance at the World Center of Racing. Riding for his eighth feature win at Daytona International Speedway, which would have moved him out of a tie with the King of NASCAR, Richard Petty, Tomac finished second behind the Australian youngster who won the inaugural Super Moto Cross World Championship in 2023.

Unique Birmingham Track

The Protective Stadium track in Birmingham features the longest starting straightaway the riders have faced all year. So much speed is generated that the corner at the end of the strait is an early hazard the riders will have to deal with.


250SX East Heat Races

Trouble arrived early when Haiden Deegan(38) and Seth Hammaker(43) crashed at the end of the starting straight. Deegan was leading, and as he made the left-hand turn into the course, Hammaker ran into him. Their bikes became tangled, and track crews spent excessive time separating the machines.

Coty Schock(69) led and rode away from the field. Cameron McAdoo(63) settled into the second-second spot unchallenged by the remainder of the pack. McAdoo’s ride was not without drama. Late in the moto, Nicholas Romano(511) lost control of his bike in front of McAdoo. Romano went down, McAdoo caught a piece of the crash and went down as well.

Coty Schock / Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports

McAdoo was able to get back on his bike and hold onto the second spot. Daxton Bennick(59) finished third.

Deegan finished 17th, and Hammaker scored 20th, last place. Both will require work on their bikes and will be forced into the Last Chance Qualifier(LCQ) to try to secure a place in the main event.

It was the first Heat win for the privateer Coty Schock.

In Heat Two, Tom Vialle(16) sprinted to the holeshot ahead of Jalek Swoll(33) on the Triumph. The pair ran 1-2, with the battles for position being fought behind them. Chase Hymas emerged as the third-place rider and closed on Swoll with two laps to go. The two collided, and Hymas made the pass for second place.

Out of sorts, Swoll dropped back in the pack. Pierce Brown(39) moved into third and ultimately caught and passed Hymas for the second spot.

After taking his first Supercross feature win at Daytona last week, Tom Vialle scored his first heat win at Birmingham.

As expected, Hammaker and Deegan easily qualified for the main, finishing 1-2 in the LCQ.

450SX Heat Races

A light rain began just before the start of 450SX Heat One. Ty Masterpool(29) led the pack of riders to the first corner. But Chase Sexton(1) sneaked by on the inside to grab the holeshot.

Sexton quickly moved away, establishing a comfortable lead. Jason Anderson(21), Dylan Ferrandis(14), Justin Barcia(51), and Malcolm Stewart(27) were left to fight it out for the follow-up positions.

Barcia made the first move, going by Ferrandis for third. Stewart followed, dropping the Frenchman to fifth.

Stewart continued his charge, riding past Barcia. As Sexton crossed the finish line for the Heat win, Stewart caught Anderson but could not make the pass.

Heat Two brought the main protagonists together as Eli Tomac(3) and Jett Lawrence(16) raced to the holeshot line. Tomac took the honors, and a bobble by Lawrence cost him second place to Cooper Webb(2). Ken Roczen(94) ran fourth, and Aaron Plessinger(7) sat in the fifth spot.

Cooper Webb(2) and Jett Lawrence(16) battle at Birmingham / Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports

Lawrence patiently waited for the right opportunity and passed Webb as time was running out in the moto. Webb responded by running into Lawrence, trying to take the spot back. However, Webb got the worst of the encounter, going down after the contact. Lawrence continued his charge to the front but came up short as Tomac held on for the Heat win.

Roczen finished third, Webb came in fourth, and Plessinger finished in fifth.

250SX East Main Event

Deegan and Hamaker lined up next to each other in the starting gates on the far left side of the track. Hammaker got the better start by far.

Jeremy Martin earned the holeshot. But it was Tom Vialle taking the early lead, with McAdoo trailing Martin for third.

Seth Hammaker ran sixth, points leader Max Anstie(37) was back in the 12th position. With his 20th gate selection, Haiden Deegan got hung up in traffic and had to ride off the course in the first turn to avoid another collision. Deegan sat 15th in the early going.

Under pressure, Martin began giving up positions. McAdoo, Jalek Swoll, Hammaker, and Pierce Brown relegated Martin to the sixth position.

Position changes were hard to come by as the pack stretched out. With five minutes to go in the time portion of the moto, Max Anstie’s Honda CRF250R engine locked up, taking him out of the race, out of the points lead, and likely out of the Championship battle.

Just before the final lap, Swoll and Hymas came together again, with Jalek giving Chase some payback from their incident in the heat. Swoll clearly dumped Hymas. It will be interesting to see if the AMA takes action against either rider for the rough riding.

In another bit of drama late in the race, Deegan took a shot at Coty Schock to knock the heat winner out of the seventh position.

Vialle followed up his Heat win with back-to-back main event wins and, in the process, took over the 250SX East points lead. McAdoo finished second. The same position he holds in the points, just a single marker behind Vialle.

Hammaker put together a fine ride to take a horrible starting position and turn it into a podium finish in third.

The points battle loosened a bit. With Vialle now at the top, ten points separate him from Deegan in the fourth position.

250SX East Main Event Results

1 16 Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX-F FE 17 Laps Red Bull KTM
2 63 Cameron Mcadoo Kawasaki KX250 2.731 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
3 43 Seth Hammaker Kawasaki KX250 3.806 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
4 39 Pierce Brown GASGAS MC 250F 11.091 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
5 6 Jeremy Martin Yamaha YZ250F 19.339 Muc-Off FXR ClubMX
6 33 Jalek Swoll Triumph TF 250-X 20.104 Triumph Racing
7 38 Haiden Deegan Yamaha YZ250F 25.070 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
8 59 Daxton Bennick Yamaha YZ250F 29.047 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
9 69 Coty Schock Yamaha YZ250F 39.602 Coty Schock Racing
10 48 Chance Hymas Honda CRF250R 44.055 Team Honda HRC
11 65 Henry Miller Honda CRF250R 47.848 Henry Miller Racing
12 75 Marshal Weltin Yamaha YZ250F 53.309 Marshal Weltin Racing
13 90 Hardy Munoz Kawasaki KX250 55.089 HBI Racing Kawasaki
14 483 Bryton Carroll Yamaha YZ250F 16 Laps Bryton Carroll Racing
15 128 Preston Boespflug Suzuki RM-Z250 8.525 Bar X Suzuki
16 602 Gage Linville GASGAS MC 250F FE 24.900 Gage Linville Racing
17 93 Bryce Shelly Yamaha YZ250F 27.091 Bryce Shelly Racing
18 296 Ryder Floyd Honda CRF250R 15 Laps Ryder Floyd Racing
19 208 Logan Leitzel Kawasaki KX250 21.582 Logan Leitzel Racing
20 435 Marcus Phelps KTM 250 SX-F 24.872 Marcus Phelps Racing
21 37 Max Anstie Honda CRF250R 9 Laps Firepower Honda
22 964 Dominique Thury Kawasaki KX250 30.668 Dominique Thury Racing


250SX East Points Standings

1 16 Tom Vialle Avignon, France 74
2 63 Cameron Mcadoo Sioux City, IA 73
3 39 Pierce Brown Sandy, UT 69
4 38 Haiden Deegan Temecula, CA 64
5 69 Coty Schock Dover, DE 61
6 43 Seth Hammaker Bainbridge, PA 59
7 59 Daxton Bennick Morganton, NC 58
8 37 Max Anstie London, England 53
9 65 Henry Miller Rochester, MN 48
10 33 Jalek Swoll Belleview, FL 47
11 48 Chance Hymas Pocatello, ID 46
12 75 Marshal Weltin Ubly, MI 45
13 64 Austin Forkner Richards, MO 27
14 6 Jeremy Martin Millville, MN 27
15 83 Guillem Farres Barcelona, Spain 27
16 511 Nicholas Romano Bayside, NY 27
17 602 Gage Linville Lake Park, GA 22
18 483 Bryton Carroll Vineland, NJ 17
19 128 Preston Boespflug Battle Ground, WA 16
20 174 Trevor Colip Bowling Green, IN 11

450SX Main Event

Jett Lawrence got the start he wanted and nosed out in front of Cooper Webb. If Lawrence can run away and hide, the outcome will have been settled on the first lap. As the leaders approached the corner before their first trip over the finish line jump, the Monster Energy girl carrying the pre-race signs stepped onto the track. Lawrence passed in front of her, and Webb had to cut behind in an attempt to avoid a collision. Webb bumped her, and she went down. The incident cost Webb precious seconds in his pursuit of the leader.

As for the Lawrence/Tomac battle. No contest. Eli Tomac was 14th on the start.

Lawrence stretched his advantage at the front while the remaining riders jockeyed for positions behind him. Webb trailed Lawrence by four seconds at the main event’s mid-point. Justin Cooper, Ken Roczen, Chase Sexton, Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Adam Cianciarulo rounded out the top ten.

Tomac is noted for his late-race charges to the front. However, tonight, he could only move up to the sixth position with two minutes remaining in the timed portion of the moto, 20 seconds behind the leader.

As time wound down, Lawrence’s lead over Webb was four seconds. Roczen was another 10 seconds back, locking up the podium positions, barring a major incident. Lawrence will increase his points lead and take another step forward in his quest to rewrite the order of things in the sport’s premier class.

The points race becomes clearer as Lawrence is 13 up on Webb, and Sexton trails the leader by 20. Eli Tomac, in fourth, is 26 points back and likely out of contention for the title that injury stole from him last year.

450SX Main Event Results

1 18 Jett Lawrence Honda CRF450R 23 Laps Team Honda HRC
2 2 Cooper Webb Yamaha YZ450F 2.445 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
3 94 Ken Roczen Suzuki RM-Z450 14.474 HEP Motorsports
4 1 Chase Sexton KTM 450 SX-F FE 18.153 Red Bull KTM
5 32 Justin Cooper Yamaha YZ450F 20.588 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
6 21 Jason Anderson Kawasaki KX450SR 25.825 Monster Energy Kawasaki
7 3 Eli Tomac Yamaha YZ450F 28.245 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
8 7 Aaron Plessinger KTM 450 SX-F FE 30.737 Red Bull KTM
9 51 Justin Barcia GASGAS MC 450F 32.881 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
10 27 Malcolm Stewart Husqvarna FC 450 RE 43.308 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
11 12 Shane McElrath Suzuki RM-Z450 57.049 HEP Motorsports
12 9 Adam Cianciarulo Kawasaki KX450SR 22 Laps Monster Energy Kawasaki
13 45 Colt Nichols Beta 450 RX 2.818 Liqui Moly Beta
14 67 Benny Bloss Beta 450 RX 43.767 Liqui Moly Beta
15 82 Mitchell Harrison Kawasaki KX450 48.375 Partzilla PRMX Racing
16 100 Anthony Bourdon Suzuki RM-Z450 49.017 Bar X Suzuki
17 11 Kyle Chisholm Suzuki RM-Z450 21 Laps HEP Motorsports
18 22 Freddie Noren Kawasaki KX450SR 15.561 International Supercross Race Team
19 109 Aaron Tanti Kawasaki KX450 20 Laps Partzilla PRMX Racing
20 23 Grant Harlan Yamaha YZ450F 19 Laps Grant Harlan Racing
21 199 John Short Kawasaki KX450 9 Laps John Short Racing
22 14 Dylan Ferrandis Honda CRF450R 2 Laps Phoenix Racing Honda


450SX Points Standings

1 18 Jett Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 185
2 2 Cooper Webb Newport, NC 172
3 1 Chase Sexton LaMoille, IL 165
4 3 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO 159
5 94 Ken Roczen Mattstedt, Germany 153
6 21 Jason Anderson Rio Rancho, NM 147
7 7 Aaron Plessinger Hamilton, OH 146
8 32 Justin Cooper Cold Springs Harbor, NY 108
9 14 Dylan Ferrandis Bedarrides, France 107
10 51 Justin Barcia Monroe, NY 95
11 27 Malcolm Stewart Haines City, FL 91
12 96 Hunter Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 87
13 12 Shane McElrath Oakland, FL 75
14 9 Adam Cianciarulo New Smyrna Beach, FL 53
15 15 Dean Wilson Glasgow, Scotland 46
16 111 Jorge Prado Lugo, Spain 45
17 67 Benny Bloss Oak Grove, MO 41
18 28 Christian Craig San Diego, CA 39
19 11 Kyle Chisholm Tampa, FL 32
20 46 Justin Hill Yoncalla, OR 29