Supercross at Foxboro Turns 450SX Title Race into a Dead Heat

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA — April 13, 2024

After taking a break last weekend, the Supercross season returns to action in Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

Only four events remain on the 2024 Schedule, with Nashville next up featuring an East/West Showdown in the 250SX class and the 450SX class still showcasing a battle at the top of the standings.

The Lasco Press will be in Nashville to bring live coverage of all the riders in both classes as they seek to position themselves for the season-ending 2024 Supercross Championship Final in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 11th.

What’s at stake tonight? Single-digit leads among two riders in the season-long standings for each class.

250SX East Heats

Chance Hymas(48) took the early lead in Heat #1. Seth Hammaker(43) and Haiden Deegan(38) ran second and third, respectively. Cameron McAdoo(63), in fourth position, was within 2.5 seconds of the lead.

With two laps to go, Deegan passed Hammaker, and McAdoo quickly followed. The two riders were running down the leader when Deegan stalled out at the end of the sand section.

Cameron McAdoo(63) and Seth Hammaker(43) at Foxboro / Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports

McAdoo continued to close but could not catch Hymas before the checkered flag. It was Hymas’s first heat win in the series. Hammaker finished third, and Deegan recovered to finish fifth.

In Heat #2, Max Anstie(37) earned the holeshot and quickly put two seconds on Cody Schock(69) in second place. Daxton Bennick(59) held the third position early until Tom Vialle(16) put on a charge and captured the final podium spot when Bennick faded.

This will set up the classic 1-2 battle between McAdoo(98 pts) and Vialle(96 pts) for the 250SX East points lead.

450SX Heats

The 450SX class will be down a rider tonight. Aaron Plessinger crashed hard earlier in the day and withdrew from the event.

A rejuvenated Eli Tomac(3) shot out of the starting gate and into the lead when the 450SX riders hit the track. Justin Cooper(32) easily outran the pack to settle comfortably in the second spot. However, he consistently lost time to Tomac as the St. Louis winner pulled away.

Hunter Lawrence(96) moved into second ahead of Justin Barcia(51). Cooper crashed hard and dropped out of the moto. Tomac cruised to the win with a 10-second cushion on Lawrence. Ken Roczen(94) passed Barcia on the final lap to finish third.

The top three riders in the 450SX standings all raced in Heat #2, and they held the top three positions. Except it was Cooper Webb(2) in front, Jett Lawrence(18) in second and Chase Sexton in third.

They stayed that way until the clock ran down and two laps remained. Lawrence used his superior skills in the whoops to cut time away from Webb’s lead. He took the heat win, and the three finished in the same order as the points currently stand.

250SX East Main Event

Haiden Deegan and Tom Vialle raced side-by-side into the first turn. Deegan exited with the lead. Seth Hammaker ran third, with Cameron McAdoo a close fourth.

The complexion of the race changed early when Hammaker crashed and dropped to the rear of the field. Hammaker ultimately dropped out of the race just as his teammate McAdoo passed Vialle for the second spot.

Deegan, riding confidently, led McAdoo by 3 seconds and Vialle by 5 seconds as they approached the mid-point of the moto.

Haiden Deegan / Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports

Pierce Brown(39) and Max Anstie held fourth and fifth, respectively.

Deegan continued to stretch the intervals as the leaders retained their positions to the checkered flag.

McAdoo stretched his points lead over Vialle to four points. Deegan closed to within 13 points of the leader with three events remaining for the East riders.

250SX East Main Event Results

1 38 Haiden Deegan Yamaha YZ250F 18 Laps Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
2 63 Cameron McAdoo Kawasaki KX250 4.159 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
3 16 Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX-F FE 13.381 Red Bull KTM
4 39 Pierce Brown GASGAS MC 250F 16.642 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
5 37 Max Anstie Honda CRF250R 26.265 Firepower Honda
6 69 Coty Schock Yamaha YZ250F 35.800 Coty Schock Racing
7 59 Daxton Bennick Yamaha YZ250F 41.776 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
8 33 Jalek Swoll Triumph TF 250-X 51.061 Triumph Racing
9 75 Marshal Weltin Yamaha YZ250F 52.947 Marshal Weltin Racing
10 65 Henry Miller Honda CRF250R 53.583 Henry Miller Racing
11 511 Nicholas Romano Yamaha YZ250F 55.140 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (250)
12 48 Chance Hymas Honda CRF250R 17 Laps Team Honda HRC
13 128 Preston Boespflug Suzuki RM-Z250 18.13 Bar X Suzuki
14 174 Trevor Colip Honda CRF250R 27.211 Trevor Colip Racing
15 166 Casey Cochran Husqvarna FC 250 RE 32.494 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
16 93 Bryce Shelly Yamaha YZ250F 49.983 Bryce Shelly Racing
17 602 Gage Linville GASGAS MC 250F 01:00.0 Gage Linville Racing
18 86 Luca Marsalisi Honda CRF250R 16 Laps Luca Marsalisi Racing
19 437 Vinny Luhovey Honda CRF250R 14.921 Vincent Luhovey Racing
20 208 Logan Leitzel Kawasaki KX250 01:13.3 Logan Leitzel Racing
21 376 Thomas Welch KTM 250 SX-F 15 Laps Thomas Welch Racing
22 43 Seth Hammaker Kawasaki KX250 2 Laps Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki


250SX East Points Standings

1 63 Cameron McAdoo Sioux City, IA 120
2 16 Tom Vialle Avignon, France 116
3 38 Haiden Deegan Temecula, CA 107
4 39 Pierce Brown Sandy, UT 105
5 69 Coty Schock Dover, DE 95
6 59 Daxton Bennick Morganton, NC 86
7 37 Max Anstie London, England 79
8 43 Seth Hammaker Bainbridge, PA 72
9 33 Jalek Swoll Belleview, FL 72
10 48 Chance Hymas Pocatello, ID 70
11 65 Henry Miller Rochester, MN 70
12 75 Marshal Weltin Ubly, MI 66
13 511 Nicholas Romano Bayside, NY 54
14 6 Jeremy Martin Millville, MN 42
15 64 Austin Forkner Richards, MO 27
16 83 Guillem Farres Barcelona, Spain 27
17 602 Gage Linville Lake Park, GA 27
18 128 Preston Boespflug Battleground, WA 26
19 174 Trevor Colip Bowling Green, IN 23
20 483 Bryton Carroll Vineland, NJ 17


450SX Main Event

Jett Lawrence did not get the start he was hoping for and was 14th around the first corner. Eli Tomac started well but made two mistakes early and fell to 10th. Out front, Cooper Webb did what he needed to do. Earning the holeshot and taking the lead over Ken Roczen.

Ken Roczen / Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports

The main event is a 20-minute plus one-lap moto. Five minutes in, it began to rain. How that will impact the remainder of the race could be a factor.

Webb, Roczen, Chase Seton, and Jason Anderson(21) led the pack. Tomac ran eighth, and Jett Lawrence held the ninth position.

At the halfway point of the race, the leaders remained the same. However, Sexton was putting a lot of pressure on Roczen for the second spot. Tomac had advanced to fifth, with Jett Lawrence right behind.

With five minutes remaining, the only change in the running order was Jett Lawrence’s move ahead of Tomac.

Sexton was the fastest rider on the track, and he finally managed to pass Roczen. Webb’s lead interval began to shrink, and Lawrence was chasing Anderson for the fourth spot.

Neither of the pursuers could make the last lap pass.

With Webb’s win and Lawrence finishing fifth, the pair are now tied for first in the points standings. Sexton is still within striking distance in third, just 15 points back. Tomac may be out of contention for the title, he trails the lead duo by 30 points.

450SX Main Event Results

1 2 Cooper Webb Yamaha YZ450F 23 Laps Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
2 1 Chase Sexton KTM 450 SX-F FE 1.098 Red Bull KTM
3 94 Ken Roczen Suzuki RM-Z450 2.830 HEP Motorsports
4 21 Jason Anderson Kawasaki KX450SR 7.960 Monster Energy Kawasaki
5 18 Jett Lawrence Honda CRF450R 8.165 Team Honda HRC
6 3 Eli Tomac Yamaha YZ450F 22.721 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
7 96 Hunter Lawrence Honda CRF450R 36.889 Team Honda HRC
8 32 Justin Cooper Yamaha YZ450F 54.063 Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (450)
9 46 Justin Hill KTM 450 SX-F FE 55.731 Team Tedder Racing
10 27 Malcolm Stewart Husqvarna FC 450 RE 22 Laps Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
11 51 Justin Barcia GASGAS MC 450F 1.129 Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas
12 67 Benny Bloss Beta 450 RX 8.111 Liqui Moly Beta
13 45 Colt Nichols Beta 450 RX 16.332 Liqui Moly Beta
14 82 Mitchell Harrison Kawasaki KX450 21.266 Partzilla PRMX Racing
15 9 Adam Cianciarulo Kawasaki KX450SR 32.564 Monster Energy Kawasaki
16 81 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450 35.997 Partzilla PRMX Racing
17 11 Kyle Chisholm Suzuki RM-Z450 40.592 HEP Motorsports
18 56 Jeremy Hand Honda CRF450R 53.349 Jeremy Hand Racing
19 70 Jerry Robin Yamaha YZ450F 21 Laps Jerry Robin Racing
20 29 Ty Masterpool Kawasaki KX450 14.728 HBI Racing Kawasaki
21 12 Shane McElrath Suzuki RM-Z450 20 Laps HEP Motorsports
22 91 Devin Simonson Yamaha YZ450F 02:23.5 Devin Simonson Racing


450SX Main Event Points Standings

1 18 Jett Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 261
2 2 Cooper Webb Newport, NC 261
3 1 Chase Sexton LaMoille, IL 246
4 3 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO 231
5 94 Ken Roczen Mattstedt, Germany 222
6 21 Jason Anderson Rio Rancho, NM 206
7 7 Aaron Plessinger Hamilton, OH 198
8 32 Justin Cooper Cold Springs Harbor, NY 161
9 51 Justin Barcia Monroe, NY 149
10 96 Hunter Lawrence Landsborough, Australia 148
11 27 Malcolm Stewart Haines City, FL 142
12 14 Dylan Ferrandis Bedarrides, France 107
13 12 Shane McElrath Oakland, FL 104
14 9 Adam Cianciarulo New Smyrna Beach, FL 70
15 67 Benny Bloss Oak Grove, MO 70
16 11 Kyle Chisholm Tampa, FL 54
17 46 Justin Hill Yoncalla, OR 47
18 15 Dean Wilson Glasgow, Scotland 46
19 111 Jorge Prado Lugo, Spain 45