In Michigan It’s Teacher Appreciation Month, Say Thanks!


Michigan — May 15, 2024

May 6-10, 2024, is designated as National Teacher Appreciation Week. But, in the State of Michigan, one week is not enough to express the deepest gratitude to Michigan’s teachers for their outstanding contributions to their students, schools, communities, and the teaching profession. So, the accomplishments of these special professionals are celebrated all month long.

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We would like to highlight a special teacher that provides his students with valuable knowledge and builds a path for them to leave high school and step into a career that offers an above-average level of compensation and job satisfaction.

Meet Dan Trahey

Dan Trahey is the Automotive Technology Instructor at Hartland High School. Dave Brooks, the Operations Manager for the Lasco Auto Group, recently introduced us to Dan and commented on the importance of this type of study criteria for students looking to move into a highly skilled trade directly from high school.

According to Brooks. “Finding quality candidates to fill technical support positions at Dealerships and repair facilities is an ongoing challenge for service department managers. Dan has developed a three-year program to give students all the basic training and State Certifications that will open doors for them in this high-demand industry.”

An auto tech training course has been available to Hartland students since the 1970s. This is Dan’s fourth year heading up the program, and the value of this type of training is receiving more attention as the trades have become a popular option for students looking to forgo the expense of a college degree.

The Perkins Act established a federally funded means for improving career-technical education programs. Grants from this Act have allowed the Hartland School District to upgrade the quality of their shop equipment to align with the type of tools high-end repair facilities use to service their customers.

Lasco Ford Service Department / Lasco Press Photo

Combined with the 61C Equipment Grants from the State of Michigan, students can learn on the same type of equipment they would use in the current work environment.

Student Learning

Students first enroll in Auto One, covering the basics of automobile repair. Not everyone who signs up for the course of study wants to go on and become a Certified Automobile Technician. Some want a better understanding of how cars work, others are satisfied to learn the skills of performing simple maintenance on their vehicles.

Dan says they currently have 165 students enrolled, with a male/female ratio of 10 to 1. A student must pass Auto One to advance in the program, where they perform more hands-on tasks and learn the skills to earn certifications in eight technical areas from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

ASE certifications are obtained by strict supervised testing at specific test locations across the country. Hartland students can take these tests as a part of their curriculum during the school year under the same strict conditions offered at the test centers.

Earning an ASE certification is the equivalent of attaining Michigan Technician Certification in the same study areas. Certification is a requirement for an automobile technician to work on vehicles and must be renewed to guarantee one’s competency.

Putting the Training Into Practical Use

Dave Brooks from the Lasco Auto Group was asked to serve on the advisory board, where his extensive experience in dealership auto parts and service management can provide valuable insights.

“At the Lasco family of dealerships, we have developed a highly competitive wage system to bring these young students on board and help them continue to learn while providing a stable, growing career path. We have a number of directions a student can follow based on their interests and skills. Eight mobile Service Vans provide immediate hands-on work experience. Careers in roles such as Customer Service Specialists, Parts Experts, and multiple levels of support staff are also available.” said Brooks.

“Career satisfaction in this industry is well above average. Helping individuals with their vehicle needs provides a truly satisfying work environment. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send an email, application, or resume to or call me personally at 248-343-0320.”

***Teacher’s Special***

In recognition of Michigan Teachers, Lasco Ford is offering “Employee Pricing” to all Teachers, School Faculty, Students, and their parents on all new Fords in stock at the Fenton Location. Just show your school ID to the receptionist when you stop in the Dealership at 2525 Owen Road in Fenton, MI. Sales: (810) 390-5550