Seattle Mariners Fan Catches Two Foul Balls on Consecutive Pitches.

T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA — May 14, 2024

Part of the fun in attending a major league baseball game is the possibility of catching a foul ball that drifts into the grandstands in the area you are seated. It does not happen very often, but youngsters and some adults bring their gloves to games, hoping they can snag one of those prized baseballs with the MLB logo.

The story is about a fan at the Kansas City Royals game as they came to T-Mobile Park yesterday to play the Seattle Mariners. Not only did he walk away with one souvenir, but he left the game with two baseballs hit into the stands. He also has a remarkable story to tell. In the bottom of the first inning, he caught the two game balls on consecutive pitches hit down the left-field line by Seattle’s Josh Rojas. What are the odds? Check it out.