Here We Grow Again Fenton, Highway 23 and Owen Road

Fenton, MI — June 17, 2024

Have you been driving past the intersection of Highway 23 and Owen Road, wondering what the blue/gray building on the Southwest corner might be? Here is the scoop.

New Construction at the Corner of 23 and Owen Road / Lasco Press Photo

The location was formerly a Sunoco Gas Station that was torn down for the new construction to begin. The site will host another gas station, but not just any fuel stop.

You may well have stopped at another Barrels and Vines location in the Metro Detroit area and did not notice the name of the upscale Shell station with a spacious quick stop store.

Barrells and Vines location on Grand Blanc Road, just east of 23 / Lasco Press Photo

To call this gas dispensary, restaurant, and convenient shopping mart just a gas station convenience store would be like calling a Walmart Superstore just another grocery store.

Inside view of the Barrells and Vines location on Grand Blanc Road, just east of 23 / Lasco Press Photo

As the name might suggest Barrels and Vines offers a wide selection of beer, wine, liquors, and craft brands from various brewers. Plus a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks, sodas, food items, and way more merchandise than you would expect to find at a gas station convenience store.

The new store in Fenton will feature a Saroki’s Pizzeria with a drive thru window if you don’t have time to make a stop and go inside. Yes, Fenton Foodies a new place to try.

Fenton’s Kind of People

An added bonus to Barrels and Vines is their owner and the company’s management stye.

We met Layth Kassab, who heads the company, as he was checking on the progress of the Fenton location. Layth is totally focused on customer satisfaction and providing each and every visitor to his stores with a top level shopping experience. We talked about the loyalty of the Fenton community and he mentioned that was big reason in choosing the site of his most recent location.

Layth introduced us to his partner, Derek who will be the operator in the store. Derek told us he has worked for Layth for eight years. “When I started, Layth told me if I was loyal, worked hard, and stuck with it I would be a partner one day.” That day has come. This is the character of the people joining the Fenton business community. Lucky Us!

The construction inside the store is progressing well. An August 2024 opening is a possibility. But, September may be a more realistic date.

Looking forward to it. We will continue to monitor the site of Fenton’s Barrels and Vines, bringing more news as the date approaches.