Pro Motocross at High Point Raceway, Best Competition of the Year

High Point Raceway, Mt. Morris, PA — June, 15th 2024

The Pro Motocross series moves east to High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Storylines focus on Haiden Deegan in the 250MX Class. Can he keep his three-race overall win streak going?

In the 450MX class, Jett Lawrence returned to the top of the podium last week at Thunder Valley. His brother Hunter took second overall. Will the families’ dominance continue? Or can Chase Sexton and the wealth of talent in the premier class grab an overall win?

High Point Raceway has hosted a round of Pro Motocross Championship racing annually since it opened back in 1977.

250MX Moto #1

Haiden Deegan(38) got squeezed into the first corner at the start and came out in the 20th position. Up front, it was a three-way battle for the lead between Ty Masterpool(29), Ryder DiFrancesco(34), and Chance Hymas(48). Jo Shimoda(30) and Tom Vialle(16) hung near the front, looking for an opportunity to advance if a rider made a mistake.

Hymas moved to the lead, and Masterpool maintained the second spot during the first 10 minutes of the Moto. DiFrancesco faded, while Shimoda and Vialle took over the third and fourth spots. By the midway mark of the timed portion of the Moto, Deegan had moved into the fifth position. However, he trailed Hymas by 15 seconds.

Haiden Deegan charging from mid-pack at High Point / Photo Credit: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Masterpool and Shimoda passed Hymas as the leader began to struggle with the deep ruts and sticky dirt from overnight rains. Vialle went down and dropped to the sixth spot, 30 seconds behind the new leader.

Approaching the five-minute-to-go mark, Masterpool increased his lead to five seconds over Shimoda. Hymas stabilized his ride but found himself nine seconds down to the leader. Deegan moved into fourth four seconds behind Hymas.

With three laps to go, the intervals had shrunk. Deegan passed Hymas to pull within four seconds of Masterpool. With two laps to go, Deegan passed Shimoda and trailed by just two seconds.

Masterpool, the former 450cc privateer rider who gained a factory ride with Kawasaki for the 250MX season, has never won a moto. Deegan, looking to complete a remarkable comeback from mid-pack at the start, passed for the lead at the white flag.

As the crowd roared, Masterpool did not give up. He hounded Deegan at each passing opportunity on the course. Deegan covered every move to preserve the win. Possibly the best Moto of the year for competitive passes.

250MX Moto #1 Results

450MX Moto #1

The question in 450MX seems to be which Lawrence brother will lead the race. This week Hunter Lawrence(96) beats Jett Lawrence(1) to the holeshot line. Chase Sexton(4) got a slow start. Dylan Ferrandis(14), Justin Cooper(32), Justin Barcia(51), and Phil Nicoletti(36) were all ahead of the second-ranked rider in the premier points standings.

Hunter Lawrence / Photo Credit: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Jett followed his brother Hunter for a few laps until Sexton began to make a move towards the front. Hunter made a mistake, and Jett pounced to pass for the lead.

At the midway point of the timed portion of the Moto, Jett, Hunter, and Sexton ran 1-2-3. However, Jett had built a ten-second advantage over Sexton. Hunter hung just over a second behind his younger brother.

It was as if the brothers said, let’s go run away from the field, and when we get down to a lap or two to go, we will race it out.

With three laps to go, Jett was .840 seconds ahead of Hunter. Sexton was 25 seconds behind the leaders. The interval grew and shrank over the final laps. Hunter got inside of Jett once but could not make the pass. They ran rear wheel to front wheel under the checkered flag.

450MX Moto #1 Results

250MX Moto #2

Just like Moto #1, Haiden Deegan got caught in a cluster on the start and began the race in 20th after going down early. The lead swapped several times in the first ten minutes. Chace Hymas, Ty Masterpool, Tom Vialle, and Mark Finies(705) all held the top spot. Masterpool finally established an interval out front, as Deegan had progressed to the 10th position.

Just before the midpoint, Masterpool slipped, and Fineis went back out front. Fineis fell over, and Hymas was the benefactor. All the while, Deegan is marching forward.

Hymas, Masterpool, and Vialle were all within nine seconds. Deegan advanced to fourth, 11 seconds back at the 10-minute mark.

With 6.5 seconds remaining, Deegan passed Vialle to take over the final podium spot. Two minutes later, Masterpool passed Vialle, who made a mistake that caused his boots to slip off the footpegs of his bike.

With three laps to go, Masterpool led Hymas by 4.5 seconds and Deegan by 10 seconds. Deegan went on a sprint to the finish. He passed Hymas on the last lap. Deegan then closed on Masterpool. The margin of victory was 3/10s of a second.

Ty Masterpool (R) and Haiden Deegan (L) race to the closest finish of the year in 250MX / Photo Credit: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Not only did Masterpool get his first moto win, but he took the overall victory (2-1) in a tie with Deegan (1-2) by virtue of his win in the second moto. It was win number 300 for Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Chance Hymas finished third overall (4-3).

250MX Moto #2 Results

High Point National 250 MX Overall Results

Rider Hometown Motos
1 Ty MasterpoolTy Masterpool United States Fallon, NV 2 – 1
2 Haiden DeeganHaiden Deegan United States Temecula, CA 1 – 2
3 Chance HymasChance Hymas United States Pocatello, ID 4 – 3
4 Jo ShimodaJo Shimoda Japan Suzuka City, Japan 3 – 5
5 Tom VialleTom Vialle France Avignon, France 8 – 4
6 Julien BeaumerJulien Beaumer United States Lake Havasu City, AZ 6 – 8
7 Ryder DiFrancescoRyder DiFrancesco United States Bakersfield, CA 5 – 13
8 Pierce BrownPierce Brown United States Sandy, UT 13 – 6
9 Levi KitchenLevi Kitchen United States Washougal, WA 10 – 9
10 Jordon SmithJordon Smith United States Belmont, NC 9 – 10


250MX Points Standings

450MX Moto #2

Phil Nicoletti earned the holeshot, but it was Jason Anderson(21) and Jett Lawrence passed early on lap one. Aaron Plessinger(7), Hunter Lawrence, and Chase Sexton were the riders in the lead group.

Hunter Lawrence and Sexton passed Plessinger. Sexton powered through, getting past the older Lawrence brother to move into third. He continued the charge to get side-by-side with Jett Lawrence. The younger Lawrence brother fought off the challenge and closed on Anderson to challenge for the lead. In the process, Sexton dove inside both riders to take the lead.

It did not last long as Jett quickly moved past Sexton into the top spot. All this action happened in the first 10 minutes of the moto.

Sexton hung with Jett, noticing that Lawrence, still trying to recover from the big crash at Hangtown, was sitting down more on his bike to rest the shoulder. With 11 minutes to go, Sexton passed Lawrence. Moments later, they swapped the lead again. Only to have Sexton answer the attack.

Behind the leaders, Hunter Lawrence and Anderson were fighting for the final podium spot. Anderson earned the spot and began to pull away.

Jett kept in contact with Sexton, content to ride and rest. The pressure apparently got to Sexton as he briefly ran off the course while powering up a hill. A few corners later, Sexton’s rear wheel bounded off a rut, and he went down.

Jett pulled away to over a ten-second lead, while Sexton dropped back into the clutches of Hunter as the timed portion of the moto expired.

On the final lap, Jett Lawrence(1-1) eased up a bit to safely bring home the win and the overall. Sexton’s second-place finish gave him second overall (3-2), with Hunter third (2-3).

450MX Moto #2 Results

High Point National 450MX Overall Results

Rider Hometown Motos
1 Jett LawrenceJett Lawrence Australia Landsborough, Australia 1 – 1
2 Chase SextonChase Sexton United States La Moille, IL 3 – 2
3 Hunter LawrenceHunter Lawrence Australia Landsborough, Australia 2 – 3
4 Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger United States Hamilton, OH 5 – 5
5 Justin CooperJustin Cooper United States Cold Spring Harbor, NY 4 – 6
6 Jason AndersonJason Anderson United States Edgewood, NM 7 – 4
7 Dylan FerrandisDylan Ferrandis France Avignon, France 6 – 7
8 Justin BarciaJustin Barcia United States Monroe, NY 10 – 8
9 Malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart United States Haines City, FL 9 – 9
10 Shane McElrathShane McElrath United States Canton, NC 8 – 10

450MX Points Standings