Two Winning Streaks Come to an End at Hangtown Pro Motocross

 Prairie City SVRA, Rancho Cordova, CA — June 1, 2024

The Hangtown Motocross Classic from Rancho Cordova is the ideal venue to test both Pro Motocross class winners from last week at Pala. Jett Lawrence (450 MX) and Haiden Deegan(250 MX) each swept their respective motos to start the outdoor season. Is the domination for real or will another rider step up and challenge these two youngsters who are looking to repeat their success in the Super Motocross World Championships?

250 MX Moto 1

Chance Hymas(48) and Levi Kitchen(47) jumped out front at the beginning of Moto 1. Haiden Deegan(38) emerged from a huge bunch up in the first turn to settle in eighth place. With a 30-minute moto, there is plenty of time to make up positions. Provided the leader does not run away and hide from the rest of the field.

Hymas was trying to do that as he established a three-second advantage over Kitchen five minutes in. Deegan moved up to fifth but trailed the leader by 10 seconds.

After 10 minutes had clicked off the clock, Kitchen had shaved the advantage to 2.5 seconds. Deegan had moved to third but was 11 seconds off the lead. Tom Vialle(16), Julien Beaumer(99), Jordan Smith(31), and Jo Shimoda(30) ran fourth through seventh, all over 12 seconds behind Hymas.

With 10 minutes remaining in the timed portion of the moto, Hymas’s lead had shrunk to two seconds over Kitchen. Deegan, the fastest rider on the track was closing fast, six seconds off the lead.

Haiden Deegan / Photo Credit: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Deegan caught Kitchen with six minutes to go. However, it took two minutes for him to set up Levin for the pass. Once into second place, Deegan cut the interval to Hymas to under a second.

Lapped traffic slowed Hymas, and Deegan went outside, then inside to shoot past Hymas. With three laps to go Deegan had already put three seconds between himself and Hymas. Over the final two laps, Kitchen tried to close down on the former leader. The podium is secure between the top three, just the second and third positions at stake. Tom Vialle, in fourth, was over 20 seconds behind.

Deegan makes it three motos in a row to start the season and Kitchen fails to advance his position.

250 MX Moto 1 Results

Pos Rider Interval Brand
1 Haiden  Deegan 17 Laps Yamaha
2 Chance  Hymas 1.719 Honda
3 Levi  Kitchen 2.134 Kawasaki
4 Tom  Vialle 23.418 KTM
5 Pierce  Brown 27.906 GasGas
6 Ty  Masterpool 45.240 Kawasaki
7 Jo  Shimoda 48.400 Honda
8 Jalek  Swoll 50.263 Triumph
9 Julien  Beaumer 51.068 KTM
10 Nate  Thrasher 51.683 Yamaha
11 Daxton  Bennick +1:05.540 Yamaha
12 Casey  Cochran +1:09.566 Husqvarna
13 Coty  Schock +1:11.561 Yamaha
14 Ryder  DiFrancesco +1:17.353 GasGas
15 Dilan  Schwartz +1:23.009 Suzuki
16 Talon  Hawkins +1:29.761 KTM
17 Nick  Romano +1:47.088 Yamaha
18 Brock Bennett +1:51.443 KTM
19 Ryder McNabb +1:56.438 KTM
20 Marcus Phelps +2:04.076 KTM
21 Joshua  Varize +2:11.072 KTM
22 Jorgen Talviku 16 Laps KTM
23 Wyatt Mattson 1.157 Yamaha
24 Slade Smith 10.654 KTM
25 Cameron Durow 21.861 KTM
26 Crockett Myers 33.931 Yamaha
27 Jett  Reynolds +1:20.061 Yamaha
28 Matti Jorgensen +1:27.432 GasGas
29 Evan Ferry +1:59.245 GasGas
30 Maxwell Sanford 15 Laps Kawasaki
31 Thomas Welch 52.774 KTM
32 Jordon  Smith 14 Laps Yamaha
33 Mark  Fineis 11 Laps Yamaha
34 Stav Orland 7 Laps Kawasaki
35 Joey  Savatgy 5 Laps Triumph
36 Lux Turner 28.098 KTM
37 Vincent Varola +1:41.380 Kawasaki
DNF Blake Gardner +DNF Yamaha
DNF Hardy Munoz +DNF Kawasaki
DNF Preston  Boespflug +DNF Suzuki

450 MX Moto 1

Just like last week it was Hunter Lawrence(96) and Jett Lawrence(1) racing to the holeshot line. Hunter got there first, but Jett quickly passed for the lead. The win streak came to a quick end when, on lap one, Jett tried to triple a series of downhill moguls and landed short, crashing hard over the handlebars of the bike. It took some time for Lawrence to recover from the hit.

He returned to the course but had to pit for a handlebar adjustment. Once back up to race speed, Lawrence trailed the field by over one minute. With 40 riders in the race, Jett will need to finish in the top 20 to gain any points from the moto.

Hunter Lawrence led and built a three-second advantage over Jason Anderson(21). Chase Sexton(4), Justin Cooper(32), and Aaron Plessinger(7) rounded out the top five.

At the 10-minute-to-go mark, the top five remained the same, with Hunter maintaining a three-second lead. Jett Lawrence had recovered to run 25th at that point of the moto.

Shortly after that mark, Anderson went down and lost the second spot to Sexton. Hunter’s lead grew to four seconds and Anderson dropped 10 seconds behind Sexton. The battle for the final podium spot was within four seconds between Anderson, Cooper, and Plessinger.

Up front, the race for the win was down to a side-by-side battle as the two leaders put Jett Lawrence a lap down. Sexton made the pass, and the former champion would be the one to put an end to the Jett Lawrence 24-race win streak.

Anderson held off his challengers for the final podium spot.

450 MX Moto 1 Results

Pos Rider Interval Brand
1 Chase  Sexton 17 Laps KTM
2 Hunter  Lawrence 7.981 Honda
3 Jason  Anderson 22.218 Kawasaki
4 Justin  Cooper 24.225 Yamaha
5 Aaron  Plessinger 30.390 KTM
6 Dylan  Ferrandis 53.762 Honda
7 Malcolm  Stewart +1:00.666 Husqvarna
8 Justin  Barcia +1:06.967 GasGas
9 Fredrik  Noren +1:10.639 Kawasaki
10 Phil  Nicoletti +1:15.540 Yamaha
11 Grant Harlan +1:18.121 Yamaha
12 Christian  Craig +1:26.553 Husqvarna
13 Derek KelleyDerek Kelley +1:39.331 KTM
14 Marshal  Weltin +1:41.153 Yamaha
15 Harri  Kullas +1:41.948 KTM
16 Justin  Hill +1:51.753 KTM
17 Kyle  Chisholm +1:53.993 Suzuki
18 Cullin  Park +1:55.648 Honda
19 Anthony  Rodriguez +1:55.980 KTM
20 Jerry  Robin 16 Laps Yamaha
21 Shane  McElrath 6.992 Suzuki
22 Bryce Shelly 10.067 Yamaha
23 Lorenzo  Locurcio 12.775 GasGas
24 Jett  Lawrence 28.310 Honda
25 Ryder Floyd 29.623 Honda
26 Romain Pape 30.629 GasGas
27 Scotty Verhaeghe 43.543 GasGas
28 Tristan Purdon 45.550 Husqvarna
29 Max MillerMax Miller 45.892 Suzuki
30 Ayden Shive 52.512 Kawasaki
31 Zack  Williams 53.321 Honda
32 Josh  Mosiman +1:18.521 KTM
33 Robbie  Wageman +1:24.240 Yamaha
34 Zachary Watson +1:26.045 KTM
35 Clayton Tucker +1:31.945 Yamaha
36 Tyler  Stepek +1:55.784 Honda
37 Jeffrey Walker +1:58.774 GasGas
38 Colton Eigenmann +2:01.309 Yamaha
39 Jake  Masterpool 5 Laps GasGas
40 Brad West 3 Laps Yamaha


250 MX Moto 2

Haiden Deegan got a huge jump at the gate drop and easily scored the holeshot win. Ty Masterpool(29) beat his teammate Levi Kitchen to the second spot. Chance Hymas, Julien Beaumer, Jalek Swoll(33), Tom Vialle, and Jo Shimoda were all in the mix early.

Five minutes in Deegan had built a 1.5-second lead on Masterpool, with Kitchen another second and a half back.

After the first 10 minutes of the moto, Kitchen passed Masterpool as both riders were losing time to Deegan. Vialle passed Hymas and pulled to within a second of Masterpool for third.

Deegan just continued to build the advantage at the front. At the mid-point of the timed portion of the race, he had built a four-second lead.

Kitchen faded to third as Vialle caught and passed him. The lead was up to five seconds. Masterpool and Hymas staged a multi-lap battle for fourth with Hymas coming out with the position.

With 10 minutes to go, Vialle had trimmed a full second off the lead held by Deegan.

Just as Deegan was back to building the advantage, he lost traction to the rear wheel and spun around coming off the bike in a hard landing. Deegan was quickly back on but lost the lead to Vialle. The interval from first to second was nine seconds with Deegan three seconds ahead of Kitchen in third.

The top three held their positions to the checkered flag. The combined results of the two motos gave Deegan the overall win (1-2), Vialle second (4-1), and Kitchen third (3-3).

250 MX Moto 2 Results

250 MX Overall Results

Pos Rider Home Town Positions Brand
1 Haiden  Deegan United States Temecula, CA 1 – 2 Yamaha
2 Tom  Vialle France Avignon, France 4 – 1 KTM
3 Levi  Kitchen United States Washougal, WA 3 – 3 Kawasaki
4 Chance  Hymas United States Pocatello, ID 2 – 4 Honda
5 Jo  Shimoda Japan Suzuka City, Japan 7 – 5 Honda
6 Pierce  Brown United States Sandy, UT 5 – 10 GasGas
7 Jalek  Swoll United States Belleview, FL 8 – 8 Triumph
8 Ty  Masterpool United States Fallon, NV 6 – 11 Kawasaki
9 Julien  Beaumer United States Lake Havasu City, AZ 9 – 9 KTM
10 Casey  Cochran United States Portsmouth, VA 12 – 12 Husqvarna


250 MX Points Standings

450 MX Moto 2

But not for a terrible gate pick, Jett Lawrence might have grabbed the holeshot in the second moto for the 450 riders. Justin Cooper took the lead early, but it was Aaron Plessinger who rode to the front and began to build a lead. Phil Nicoletti(36) ran third with Hunter and Jett Lawrence in fourth and fifth.

Aaron Plessinger (7) / Photo Credit: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Chase Sexton was in the top ten early but went down in the second corner. The entire field passed him before he could remount the bike. Nicoletti went down and gifted third place to Hunter Lawrence.

Jett passed his older brother to take over the third spot and Jason Anderson also got by to move into fourth. Sexton somehow was able to scramble through the pack and back into the top ten after 10 minutes.

By the midway point, Jett Lawrence had passed Cooper and was seven seconds behind the leader Plessinger. Hunter Lawrence was in fourth a second behind Cooper. Anderson ran fifth, 14 seconds off the lead. Sexton moved up to sixth, he trailed the leader by 22 seconds.

With 10 minutes to go, Jett began to fade, likely due to his injuries from Moto 1. Cooper and Hunter both passed. A lap later Anderson and Sexton passed Jett. In the process, Sexton snuck by Anderson into the fourth spot. Enough to move into the lead for the overall win.

Sexton overhauled Hunter Lawrence to move into third, 10 seconds behind the leader with three minutes and two laps to go. With two laps to go, Sexton took the second spot from Cooper. The pass was big for Hunter Lawrence as he moved up to third overall behind Sexton and Plessinger.

On the final lap, Sexton caught Plessinger to go from last (40th) to first in an incredible ride that announced he was back in championship contention.

Overall, Sexton(1-1) took first, the late pass of Plessinger gave Hunter Lawrence(2-4) second, and Aaron(5-2) held onto third.

450 MX Moto 2 Results


450 MX Overall Results

Pos Rider Home Town Positions Brand
1 Chase  Sexton United States La Moille, IL 1 – 1 KTM
2 Hunter Lawrence Australia Landsborough, Australia 2 – 4 Honda
3 Aaron  Plessinger United States Hamilton, OH 5 – 2 KTM
4 Justin  Cooper United States Cold Spring Harbor, NY 4 – 3 Yamaha
5 Jason  Anderson United States Edgewood, NM 3 – 5 Kawasaki
6 Dylan  Ferrandis France Avignon, France 6 – 8 Honda
7 Justin  Barcia United States Monroe, NY 8 – 7 GasGas
8 Malcolm Stewart United States Haines City, FL 7 – 9 Husqvarna
9 Fredrik  Noren Sweden Lidköping, Sweden 9 – 10 Kawasaki
10 Christian  Craig United States El Cajon, CA 12 – 11 Husqvarna


450 MX Points Standings