RedBud MX National Sees New Overall Winners Atop the Podium

RedBud MX, Buchanan, MI — July 6, 2024

The AMA ProMotocross Championship circuit pays its annual visit to “The Best Dirt on Earth.” The “Bob the Cooler” RedBud National, Round Six of the outdoor season.

The Fans packed RedBud MX / Lasco Press Photo (Jessica Ten Hagen)

The fans are out en masse in all their red, white, and blue regalia.

Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

One disappointment for the faithful, Jett Lawrence won’t be racing today. An injury to his left thumb earlier in the week required surgery and Jett will be relegated to the sidelines cheering on his brother Hunter.

Hunter Lawrence will be trying to protect his three point series lead over Chase Sexton (213-210).

Haiden Deegan(238 pts) has a huge lead on Chance Hymas(196 pts) and Tom Vialle(195 pts) and looks to keep his momentum moving forward.

250MX Moto #1

Ty Masterpool(29) earned the holeshot with Tom Vialle(16), Chance Hymas(48), Haiden Deegan(38), and Levi Kitchen(47) all in hot pursuit.

Tom Vialle / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

It was Hymas who came out with the early lead. In the first five minutes of the moto he was able to build a three second lead on Vialle in second place.

Vialle caught a rut and went down allowing Materpool and Deegan to move up to to second and third. Stretching out Hymas lead to five seconds.

Haiden Deegan / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

As the race reached the halfway point, Masterpool had cut the lead interval in half with Deegan chasing him.

The clock ticked under 10 minutes, Masterpool caught and passed Hymas while Deegan closed to join the battle for the lead.

Deegan worked his way past Hymas but lost some time to Masterpool. Under five minutes to go and Deegan will have to make up four seconds.

While the leaders pulled away, Vialle caught Hymas and took the final podium spot away. With two laps to go, Deegan was on the rear wheel of Masterpool.

Lapped traffic allowed Masterpool to put some space between himself and Deegan. It was just enough for Materpool to hold off the final charge and take the checkered flag by 3/10s of a second.

Ty Masterpool / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

Hymas was penalized five championship points for jumping on the red cross flag. His race position remained the same. However, the penalty is significant in quest to catch Deegan in the standings.

250MX Moto #1 Results

450MX Moto #1

Hunter Lawrence(96) made the tight right hand turn to cross the holeshot line first. Aaron Plessinger(7) right on his rear wheel. Chase Sexton(4) in third and Justin Cooper(32) in fourth were loosing time early.

Sexton began to charge to the front, passing Plessinger just before the halfway point and setting his sights on Lawrence. The two out front have effectively separated themselves from the rest of the field.

Hunter Lawrence / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

Working through lapped traffic the interval from first to second varied depending on where each rider caught the slower bikes.

With two laps to go, Lawrence led by a second. After leading for the entire moto, Hunter lost control down a steep hill and went down. He was able to get up and remain in second place, but the win will go to Sexton if he can ride clean for a lap and a half.

Hunter Lawrence / Lasco Press Photo

Lawrence holds off Cooper for the second spot and will have a shot at the overall if he can outduel Sexton in the second moto. Sexton grew up two hours away from RedBud, this is his first professional win at the track.

450MX Moto #1 Results

250MX Moto #2

Chance Hymas took the top spot early in Heat #2, with Ryder DiFrancesco(34) and Jo Shimoda(30) and Levi Kitchen just behind. Tom Vialle and Haiden Deegan both got off to bad starts landing in 12th and 13th respectively. Moto #1 Winner Ty Masterpool was back in eighth.

Chance Hymas / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

Five minutes in and Hymas had already built a seven second lead over Simoda and eight seconds over Kitchen. DiFrancesco was fading back in the top ten. Vialle and Deegan were up to seventh and eighth.

Masterpool, having another good run, moved up to third trying to win his first overall event title.

At the halfway point, Hymas continued to lead over Shimoda and Masterpool. Vialle in sixth and Deegan still stuck in eighth, 25 seconds behind Hymas.

As time wound down, Masterpool gave up the third position to Kitchen and fell back into the clutches of Vialle, who also was able to pass. Deegan moved up to sixth but trailed the leader by 35 seconds.

With two laps to go Shimoda was closing fast on Hymas.

Hymas was able to hold off the challenge for his first overall win (4-1) Just edging out Masterpool (1-5), Shimoda took third overall (5-2). Deegan failed to make the podium for the first time this season.

250MX Moto #2 Results

250MX Overall RedBud National Event Results

Rider Hometown Motos
1 Chance HymasChance Hymas United States Pocatello, ID 4 – 1
2 Ty MasterpoolTy Masterpool United States Fallon, NV 1 – 5
3 Jo ShimodaJo Shimoda Japan Suzuka City, Japan 5 – 2
4 Tom VialleTom Vialle France Avignon, France 3 – 4
5 Haiden DeeganHaiden Deegan United States Temecula, CA 2 – 6
6 Levi KitchenLevi Kitchen United States Washougal, WA 6 – 3
7 Casey CochranCasey Cochran United States Portsmouth, VA 7 – 9
8 Ryder DiFrancescoRyder DiFrancesco United States Bakersfield, CA 13 – 7
9 Max AnstieMax Anstie United Kingdom Newbury, England, United Kingdom 9 – 13
10 Mark FineisMark Fineis United States Westfield, IN 11 – 12


250MX Overall Podium / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

250MX Points Standings

450MX Moto #2

New names top the scoreboard for the holeshot win with Jason Anderson(21) out front. Justin Cooper and Kyle Webster(762) followed. Chase Sexton and Hunter Lawrence came across fourth and fifth.

However it was Webster taking the lead briefly before Anderson regained the top spot. Sexton moved quickly into third, while Lawrence dropped to seventh.

Sexton passed Webster and chased down Anderson to move out front. Lawrence trails the leader by nine seconds sitting back in sixth place. It could be a costly day in the points for Lawrence if he cannot stage a comeback.

Sexton continued to build the lead out front. Aaron Plessinger took the second spot from Anderson and Hunter Lawrence moved into fourth. Approximately six seconds separated each position in the top four as the race approached halfway.

The positions remained the same, the intervals between spots increased and Sexton is cruising to a (1-1) finish that will make him the new points leader in the 450MX Class. Plessinger nails down a second overall (4-2) and Hunter Lawrence takes third overall (2-4).

Sexton’s 21 second interval at the finish was the largest in ProMotocross this year.

450MX Moto #2 Results

450MX Overall RedBud National Event Results

Rider Hometown Motos
1 Chase SextonChase Sexton United States La Moille, IL 1 – 1
2 Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger United States Hamilton, OH 4 – 2
3 Hunter LawrenceHunter Lawrence Australia Landsborough, Australia 2 – 4
4 Jason AndersonJason Anderson United States Edgewood, NM 5 – 3
5 Justin CooperJustin Cooper United States Cold Spring Harbor, NY 3 – 6
6 Malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart United States Haines City, FL 6 – 7
7 Garrett MarchbanksGarrett Marchbanks United States Coalville, UT 7 – 8
8 Kyle Webster Australia Korumburra, Australia 10 – 9
9 Harri KullasHarri Kullas Estonia Estonia 9 – 12
10 Christian CraigChristian Craig United States El Cajon, CA 8 – 13
450MX Overall Podium / Lasco Press Photo (JTH)

450MX Points Standings

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