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Buddha-like and delicate bag wears books. Cao Yan sat next to her put his arms around her shoulder and sighed with emotion "It's really not easy for me" Xi Xi bumped him with his shoulder "you're secretly happy" Music must be very happy and finally I can confirm my relationship with Xi Xi through a sacred ceremony how can I not be happy While happy the two people began to discuss with great interest what kind of wedding they wanted to hold imagining out of thin air pure imagination how to exaggerate Specific landing details of things but also to find the wedding company say the Fertilizers general idea and so on a plan and then slowly discuss Before looking for a wedding company it is natural to have to pass the New Year first and the two parents have to sit together for a meal These secular and ordinary things are very smooth Xi Xi followed Cao Yan in the Cao family for Chinese New Year's Eve and then a family to Wucheng the shellfish father and mother and shellfish Xi Yan invited out the two families sat down to eat the atmosphere is very good to say a lot of Cao Yan and Xi Xi When it comes to weddings parents on both sides have the same idea Young people can do their own weddings according to their own wishes They won't get involved in the wedding but they will cooperate and give money After a happy meal Cao Yan and Xi Xi's wedding was settled After the two families went back they discussed and considered various factors and set the wedding of Cao Yan and Xi Xi in the second half of the year After the time is set Cao Yan and Xi Xi are naturally busy looking for a wedding planning company to express their ideas and let the wedding planner do the planning first while Xi Xi is thinking more about On your own wedding dress 。 The most important thing in a girl's life of course is to be perfect on that day Xi Xi contacted the designer of a brand he always wore and asked him to personally design several sets of dresses he would wear when he got married From the beginning of meeting to discuss the style of the dress Xi Xi himself has been involved in it working with the designer to design the perfect dress in his dream Dress design takes time and after the design is pure hand-made there are many fittings in the middle so the custom dress cycle will be longer is a matter of urgency In addition to planning the wedding and customizing the dress of course you have to spend time listing who to invite to the wedding and sending invitations Who are the best man and bridesmaid looking for These also have to be considered There are a lot of tedious things can be handed over to the wedding planning company can not be handed over take time to prepare Anyway I am married by myself and I have a sense of happiness when I do tedious things Xi Xi and Cao Yan worked together to worry about all kinds of things at the wedding and even confirmed what flowers and colors were placed at the wedding venue At the same time she did not plunge into other things to forget the script is still reading and before entering the group she often contacted the director and other actors and even met in order to get familiar with the role better and faster By March the TV series started Chemicals Suppliers she officially entered the group to shoot and then while concentrating on her work she continued to follow the wedding planning as well as her wedding dress not a little detail In the crew with the play when very busy usually in the studio activities it is rare to have a few days to finish work early can go back to the hotel to sleep and rest in peace Because she can't go home with the group she and Cao Yan usually have a video chat every day and chat with other couples When Cao Yan is not busy he will come to visit the class and stay in the crew for a few days Because there is an invincible jealous husband and in the case of the male lead is Ji Sinan Xi Xi in this play is not a real mouth to mouth kiss scene are borrowed In this way when Cao Yan came to visit the class he saw that she and Ji Sinan had a scene of cuddling and holding hands and he could also be angry He is not a three-year-old child know the meaning of the word work uncomfortable to hold back hold back until the evening to hold Xi Xi into his arms almost crushed only this woman is really their own sense of reality and security Xi Xi has been filming with the group for three months The weather in June is already very hot and the sun at noon is like exploding a dry pea trap overhead The wedding planning had already taken shape all according to her and Cao Yan's ideas The wedding was closed to the media and in order to prevent unimportant people from sneaking into the wedding scene they packed a small island and held the wedding on the island The custom-made wedding dress was completed more than half a month ago and now the remaining two sets are almost ready for the last fitting After Xi Xi came back from the crew he was so tired that he had too many things to worry about in the past three months and he had very little time to rest in filming every day so he just wanted to sleep when he got home After sleeping in the dark for Fertilizers two days I finally felt that I was alive again and that I was a little fairy full of vitality On the day of returning from the script Xi Xi made an appointment with the designer for the last fitting Designers fly from abroad according to the appointed time to the appointed place to see Xixi fitting mainly to see the upper body effect where they feel bad continue to adjust some details It has been adjusted many times before and the last time is naturally not a big problem Because it was only a fitting Xi Xi did not consider whether Cao Yan was free or not when she made an appointment and she did not intend to take him with her but found Xiao Qi together Instead of letting him see a half-finished product in advance she would rather wear a finished dress without flaws to show him on the wedding day When Xiao Qi came home to look for her she sent a message to Cao Yan who was busy working outside and then drove Xiao Qi out to the place where she had agreed with the designer to try on clothes Xiao Qi sat in the passenger seat holding his seat belt all the time a little incredulous of Xi Xi's driving skills She has a driver's license but she drives herself Less time Most of them are in other people's cars Xi Xi saw her worried look on her face and said to her with a smile "Don't do this okay My driving skills are still good Why don't you drive" Xiao Qi shook his head hurriedly "I can't I don't have a driver's license I haven't learned it" Holding the steering wheel Xi Xi looked at the front of the road and chatted with her casually "Driving still needs to be learned It will definitely be used in the future This society can't drive It's very troublesome" 。 globalchemmall.com

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