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Curtis's answer was as unthinking as ever: "I'll bow my head. It's not a big deal anyway.". Then get the resources you deserve, the same fighting training as when you were young, and now I should be able to beat the shit out of you! Rafi smiled, took a long breath and said, "I regret it, too.". At that time, I should not have entered the prison for one breath, where I slept for more than ten years in vain. Otherwise, I'm not afraid of Morgan. Just finished, Rafi immediately added: "Of course, now I am not afraid of Josh.". Morgan !” Curtis grinned and kindly showed his understanding. Rafi shook his head, sighed again and said, "I can't beat him, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid of him. It's totally different.". It's like.. Just because I saved Helen's life doesn't give me the right to sleep with her. "I understand." Curtis still showed his white teeth with a smile. There was silence on the roof. It was a long time before Curtis broke the silence and asked, "Silver Hair, what are you thinking about?" "I wonder what would happen if we added another zero to the number of mechanical bugs we encountered?" "So am I." In the private hospital, Helen turned on only a light screen and was meditating. The light screen shows the holographic structure of various mechanical insects and rotates slowly. Helen's face was very ugly, and her usually expressionless face showed a rare dignity. Snow was crouching in the corner, gnawing away at pieces of metal. These alloys with different properties are specially prepared by Helen for snow teeth training. In fact, every time snow eats a piece of alloy,touch screen interactive whiteboard, it will write down the ingredients, thus forming a corresponding formula in the body. When similar metals are encountered in the future, they can be dissolved by body fluids specially secreted. And the more special alloy that dissolves, the harder the body of snow will be, and the faster the strength will be improved. It's just that for snow, eating these alloys is a very uncomfortable thing, so it used to hide as much as it could. Sometimes even Lafite pressed it and forced the alloy into its mouth. But when she came back this time,interactive panel board, without Helen's urging, Xue turned out all the remaining alloys and ate them silently one by one. Helen naturally understood the meaning of the snow very well. She just shook her head in the dark and did not stop it. She just stared at the hologram of the mechanical bug, and the more she looked at it, the more ugly her face became. Snow bit a mouthful of alloy, quietly walked behind Helen, floated into the air, looked at the hologram on the light screen, and after a moment passed an idea to Helen: "Mom, are these guys very powerful? You seem to be very embarrassed.". They are not very powerful, but it seems that there will be a lot of them. But it doesn't matter how many they are. We can run first and then solve them slowly. Helen was much more Frank about snow. She rubbed her temples and responded with the same consciousness: "I'm not afraid of their numbers, and I'm not afraid of the people behind them.". Only Helen weighed her words carefully, which was a rare thing. After a few seconds, she said: "They give me a very familiar feeling, I should have seen them, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, but I can be sure that I have never met them.". This is what makes me feel confused, even. And a little scared. Snow whined twice. It understood what Helen was saying, but it was just as confused. It was impossible for Helen to make mistakes, and it was impossible for her to remember things wrong. She had never seen a mechanical worm. But where does familiarity come from? Helen's thinking can be absolutely precise, almost no ambiguity, there can be no such logical paradox. Snow tried to think, but there was no result. It hated its own wisdom and decided to use all the new energy to upgrade the thinking center, so that it could generate seven secondary thinking centers in the body, which was equivalent to the ability of seven more minicomputers by human standards. Of course, I can't compare with Helen, but at least I can get rid of the current state of confusion. But on the other hand, it is in urgent need of strong force. Although the structure of the mechanical worm is simple, the means of attack is single, and the power of the individual is not very powerful. But the scariest thing about them is that they can be mass-produced! When thousands, rather than tens or hundreds, of mechanical worms appear, the war will be qualitatively different. One Lafite can destroy hundreds of mechanical bugs, but tens of thousands of mechanical bugs can kill ten Lafites. That's the difference. When different kinds of mechanical insects can cooperate with each other, their power will increase geometrically. With the degree of civilization embodied by mechanical worms, if the resources are sufficient, then the number can be counted in millions or even tens of millions! In the face of this overwhelming mechanical army, the powerful force of individuals has once again become insignificant. The relationship between quantity and quality is always dialectical. Snow returned to his own territory, gnawing at the alloy block while struggling with the question of whether to increase the thinking center or strengthen the individual force first. Although its appearance is different from that of human beings, it thinks exactly like a child. In fact, Snow instinctively knows that she has another way of thinking, accurate, efficient and cold, which is quite different from the complexity, confusion and ambiguity of human thinking. If you switch to that mode of thinking, it knows that it can know the answer immediately. Snow, however, intuitively felt that Helen did not like it to switch to the past, only in human mode, it can feel the warmth from Helen. So it simply abandoned its instinctive thinking mode, because Helen was there anyway, and she would plan everything for it, even including evolution. At least so far, the snow born and improved under Helen, although the body's form and function are quite different from the choice given by instinct, the individual's fighting power is almost the same. Now the snow, of course, does not understand what this means. Snow suddenly felt Helen's heart beat a little faster, the blood flow is also accelerating, but the body temperature has dropped slightly. In humans,75 inch smart board, this reaction is called fear. Helen was afraid, too? What is she afraid of? Snow doesn't know. It just knows that at some point, it will know the answer. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 31 Unknown 1 Wars are often caused by trivial things. hsdsmartboard.com

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