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Vibe Well Opens in Fenton: New Business Review

Sometimes you walk into a new business and get a certain vibe (no pun intended) the minute you enter. With that feeling, you can...

Milford Principal Remixes ‘Ice, IceBaby’ for Cold Day

We have seen several schools recently release a video regarding announcements.  Just when you thought you have seen of the best, it looks like...

Meet Jacob Lee, Star Fenton Athlete and Student, Destined for Success

If you are a college athlete in any sport but football or basketball you essentially compete in a virtual media vacuum. Thanks to ESPN...

Business is Good in Fenton and Fenton is Good for Businesses

Since Spring, Fenton has seen a tremendous surge in new businesses popping up in town. The Lasco Press reported on the planned arrival of...

Auto Show Buzz, The Ford Bronco

The North American International Auto Show kicks off Monday, January 14, 2019, with the Press Preview. The buzz for this year's event centers on...

Who Is the Fenton Man Waving From His Wheelchair on N. Leroy St.

Fenton, MI — July 5, 2020 If you drive along North Leroy Street with any regularity, you've undoubtedly noticed the man in the motorized wheelchair...

Meet Matthew Sayers: Not Your Average School Teacher

If you are a parent, Matthew Sayers is the type of teacher you would want your kids to have the opportunity to learn from....
Bridge Street Exchange in Downtown Fenton

Bridge Street Exchange Opens in Fenton

Driving along Leroy Street in Fenton you're sure to notice the black and orange sign marking the storefront of the new Bridge Street Exchange....

Ciao Italian Bistro Opens in Downtown Fenton

We have been watching the transformation of 110 S. Leroy St. in Fenton for some time now. The sign for Ciao Italian Bistro went up and...
Downtown Fenton Michigan

2018 Shaping Up to Be an Exciting Year For Fenton

A lot of things are happening in our town and a lot more is on the agenda for this year. Restaurant week kicked off...