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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Fenton Man Joins Team Gwen After Auditioning on The Voice

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City, CA — October 8, 2019 The popular NBC Show, "The Voice," is now in its 17th season. Episode Five was...
Dominic Vicari Andiamo Fenton Michigan

Andiamo Fenton First Look Inside

Fenton, MI - Andiamo of Fenton opened their doors today to a Charity Grand Opening. The Lasco Press was able to sneak in for...
CrossFit Fenton Gym

Fenton CrossFit Gym Name Change Emphasizes Community Connections

CrossFit Tuebor West has changed its name to CrossFit Fenton. Located at 14261 Torrey Road, Suite B, Fenton, MI 48430. The gym is the longest continuously running CrossFit...

Whaley Golf Classic at Warwick Hills Raises Money for Great Cause

Warwick Hills Golf & County Club, Grand Blanc, MI — August 26, 2019 Monday, what a great day to hold a charity golf tournament. Carry...

Niagara Falls Freezing, Winter 2019 in Pictures

Winter has arrived with all her fury. But, as temperatures dropped below freezing, the beauty of the season is now on full display. The...

Jerry Kelly Wins the Ally Challenge at Warwick Hills

Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club, Grand Blanc, MI — September 15, 2019 Jerry Kelly did just what he needed to do to capture the...

Lasco Ford Hosts Back to the Bricks 2017 Heritage Promo Tour Finale

The 2017 Back to the Bricks main event in Flint is scheduled for August 15-19. The Heritage Promo Tour in June is designed to...

HQ Trivia: The Most Downloaded New Phone App

Who doesn't like to play trivia? Are you among the group of television viewers who enjoy trivia style game shows? If so, you probably...

Oscar Nominations Announced

It's that time of year when moviegoers get excited about Oscar nominations for their favorite movies and stars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and...

July’s Full Moon is Special For a Number of Reasons

Fenton, MI — July 15, 2019 Tomorrow, July 16, 2019, this month's full moon will stare down at the inhabitants of our planet. Timing is...