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Michigan Has a Coyote Problem What If You Encounter One

Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lansing, MI — March 16, 2021 Anywhere in Michigan, if you venture outside in the evening you might hear the...

Did You Know Michigan is Home to a Cougar Population

Department of Natural Resources, Lansing, MI — March 4, 2021 You have likely never seen one, but they are here. Michigan has a small population...

What Are Those Strange Lights in the Michigan Night Sky?

Fenton, MI - December 30, 2019 Have you seen the line-up of lights in the western sky over Michigan recently? No, it's not UFOs. And...

Johnny Manuel Takes Huge Risk and Fails to Reach America’s Got Talent Finals

Johnny Manuel made it to the semi finals of America's Got Talent. Unfortunately, the Flint, Michigan native failed to move on to the series...
Andiamo in Fenton, Michigan

Now Open: Andiamo in Downtown Fenton

The much-anticipated opening of the new Andiamo Restaurant in Fenton is here. After hosting a charity event on Monday, Feb 4th the official opening...
waterford mitsubishi

Lasco Auto Group Awarded New Mitsubishi Franchise for Waterford, MI

Waterford, MI — October 2nd, 2019 The Lasco Auto Group announced today the acquisition of a new Mitsubishi Franchise for Waterford, MI. The new dealership...

Michigan’s New School Bus Laws Take Effect, Be Advised

Fenton, MI — October 15, 2021 There are new school bus laws on the books in Michigan and they can cost violators dearly. Rightfully so!...

Fenton Just Keeps Getting Better with Groundbreaking at the Railyard

Downtown Fenton, MI — August 12, 2023 You see a bunch of people gathered around, with some of them holding gold-plated shovels. That's generally a...

2018 Naked and Afraid XL Update: Fenton’s Melissa Miller

As we reported last month Fenton High School grad Melissa Miller is competing in this season's edition of the reality TV show Naked and...

Melissa Miller Conquers 2018 Naked and Afraid XL

Finishing up our series on Melissa Miller competing in this season’s edition of the reality TV show Naked and Afraid XL. At the halfway...