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Monday, December 6, 2021

LEAKED: Samsung Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 Plus Images

It will be about the end of February until Samsung officially releases the new Galaxy S10 lineup.  In the meantime All About Samsung has...
uneekor eye xo price

UNEEKOR EYE XO Price & Information

The UNEEKOR EYE XO is a Overhead type, super speed camera-based golf launch monitor. Fully integrated with QED Refine, Succeed, E6 Connect, TCG 2019, and Creative Golf. ...
Ford 3D Printed Car Parts

Ford is 3D Printing Car Parts

Ford Motor Company is exploring how large-scale one-piece auto parts, like spoilers, could be printed for prototyping and future production vehicles, as the first...
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Video of Dummy Phone Leaked

We stumbled across several interesting things in the past few days coming from the Twitter and YouTube account for Benjamin Geskin.  It appears from...
Apply 10.3 Software Update

Apple Releases New 10.3 Software Update Including CarPlay Updates

  It is time to get out your iOS devices and download the latest 10.3 software update that Apple introduced today.  Usually we do not...
2018 Ford Mustang GT 0 to 60

New 2018 Ford Mustang GT Does 0-to-60 MPH in Under 4 Seconds

Ford’s most advanced and powerful Mustang GT is also the fastest ever, achieving 0-to-60-mph in less than four seconds in Drag Strip mode. The new...

LG Releases World’s First 1MS Gaming Monitor

Don't expect a blurry game if you are planning on buying the latest LG Gaming Monitor.  At this year’s E3, LG Electronics (LG) is...
Robot Rock Robotics Fenton Michigan FIRST

Robot Rock

The areas FIRST Robotics teams are rounding out a great season having just finished the Michigan State Championship and are heading into the FIRST...

HQ Trivia: The Most Downloaded New Phone App

Who doesn't like to play trivia? Are you among the group of television viewers who enjoy trivia style game shows? If so, you probably...
Ford and Waze

Ford Partners with Waze Navigation APP

Using Waze inside your Ford vehicle is about to get easier than it’s ever been. Thanks to new integration with Ford SYNC® AppLink™, Waze users...