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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sam Smith New Music Video Blowing Up the Internet

Sam Smith's new single “Dancing With a Stranger" dropped 3 weeks ago. In that short period of time, it has been streamed over 80...

VIDEO: Swartz Creek Community Schools Snow Day Parody Announcement

Swartz Creek Community Schools took the internet by storm this week when Superintendent Ben Mainka and Principal Jim Kitchen decided to give their own twist...

VIDEO: Watch How Takeru Otsuka Won X Games Snowboard Big Air Gold 2019

Watch as Takeru Otsuka wins X Games Gold medal for Men's Snowboard Big Air in Aspen, Colorado.  The 17-year old blew the entire crowd and...

Spinning Ice Disk Forms on Michigan River

In one of Mother Nature's winter wonders Michigan's Cedar River is providing us a stunning visual display. A huge disk of ice spins in...

Video of Epic Ski Jump FAIL Plus Winter Snow & Ice Safety

This time of year can bring a great opportunity to get out in the snow for some fun. But sometimes winter adventures can spark...