Café of LIFE Chiropractic
521 North Leroy St.
Fenton, Michigan

Café of LIFE Chiropractic is a place that will help shift your awareness towards a more vitalistic and holistic way of living. The Café will empower you to take responsibility for your own health. We realize that more and more people are interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and their families, and get more out of their days. At the Café, we serve these needs with ongoing education and information. Our intention is to lead people to their highest possibility.
(810) 629-6023
Dr. Scott Anderson
4033 Owen Rd
Fenton, MI

My mission is to empower you to make healthy and informed decisions regarding your health.  I also strive to serve, love, heal, and transform beyond your greatest expectations.  We are dedicated to changing the prevailing worldview from one that sees human beings as helpless victims of ill-health and life experiences into the awareness that we are uniquely created by God to be vibrant, well, and wholly capable of great things.  I am honored that you are taking the time to investigate us on your journey toward health and well being.
(810) 750-2600