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Iconic Fenton Restaurant Celebrates 25 Years

Fenton, MI — January 8, 2022 It seems restaurants come and go as fast as fashion trends. For a family-owned establishment to keep it going...

Michigan DNR Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lansing, MI — April 3, 2021 One hundred years ago this week, the Michigan Department of Conservation – the precursor...

Andiamo Fenton Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Free Cannoli

Fenton, MI — February 20, 2020 Andiamo is excited to celebrate their first anniversary in Fenton, Michigan! Has it really be a year? Great food,...

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Fenton, MI — November 16, 2019 How do you celebrate a birthday? With a party, of course. The Thompson Road Regional Dog Park is celebrating...

5 Star Food Express Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Free Delivery, Giveaways

Fenton, MI — May 30, 2019 Another workday ends, you come home and collapse on the couch. The fridge is empty and you don't feel...