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Ford Sold Over 1 Million Trucks in 2018

If you want to measure up which brand sold the most trucks in 2018, there is going to be one U.S. manufacturer that stands...

Ford F-150 Earns Top Green Vehicle Award

The 2017 Ford F-150 has earned a Top Green Vehicle award in the pickup category for its best-in-class fuel economy from AAA Green Car...

Ford F-150 Annihilates Toyota Tundra in Head-to-Head Showdown

The well known online news website U.S. News put the new F-150 against the Tundra, and the outcome let's just say embarrassed the Tundra. They...


Star Wars 9, Disney Releases the Final Trailer

October 21, 2019 Disney today released the final trailer for the last episode of Star Wars. The epic series has one more saga to play...